Let’s Go To Coachella – Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj’s Fun Style Inspiration For The Feeling Myself Video


Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj showcase style, girl power, lots of colour and fun on the set of their energetic, highly anticipated music video for their single Feeling Myself


The style inspiration came from just two friends going to the Coachella festival (where it was shot), hanging out, having a good time and making memories. In this video we see lots of colour in their swim suits, fur, jersey shirts, bouncing castles and kiddie pools.

The lady behind this awesome styling is Marni Senofonte, whose worked with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Mary J. Blige. In her interview with  Marie Claire she humbly tells us the concept behind the shoot.  

“The truth of the matter is, it was really last minute. And it was Beyoncé’s idea to go to Coachella and to shoot at Coachella. It was so spur of the moment! But that’s B, that’s her. She’s so spontaneous and it’s just part of her craft—if she likes it or she wants it she goes for it. Honestly, there was no real ‘treatment’ that usually happens. The idea was, you know, ‘let’s go to Coachella.’ It was supposed to feel the way that I hope it does—really good friends, just going and having a good time, and making fun memories. And I scrambled together in two days what we would need and we went over everything, but it was really this idea of, you know, everyone at Coachella looks like a hippie, but I was like, what if the other kind of kids to go Coachella? This is all the clothes that we were wearing. It’s pretty much the urban version of Coachella.”

So B is not only good at singing and performing but is also great with style tips! Check out more stills form the video and the teaser below.











Check out the teaser and watch the full video on Tidal.



Photos – fr.eonline.com,beyoncécouture.com







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