For The Life Of Mimi – #MimiOTravels: Oh So Miami!


Miami Oh Miami! Miami where the skies are blue and the waters are endless and the trees are lush and the drinks are bottomless and the people are alive and the sun smiles! Sigh.

This vibrant coastal city in Florida happened to be the next stop on my vacation and I wasn’t wrong in assuming it would be a major highlight of the entire trip (only after Bey of course).  I went to Miami for 3 days (a few days too short really) with a bunch of my girls and had the time of my life! I definitely want to tell you all about it and give a few tips and pointers from my experience as well, but I’ll get to that in another post soon. Right now however, I’d like to focus on a couple of my style choices.

Miami for the most part during the day revolves around the water, beach and the sun so naturally, minimal clothing is required. I definitely got the memo but still tried to stay true to me with my clothing picks; so no, you are not about to see a bunch of in-your-face, glamour model type bikini shots. Sorry!

For my first encounter with the water, I chose a grey bunny inscribed full-piece layered with a stripped kimono and light black pants.

Mimi O Travels Miami

Mimi O Travels Miami 2

The pants soon came off and I had some fun with the camera.

Mimi O Travels Miami 5

Mimi O Travels Miami 4

Mimi O Travels Miami 3

Mimi O Travels Miami 7

One detail that I was entirely sure of the moment I decided to go to Miami was my hair. I definitely wanted long tresses in a shade that would glow beautifully in the sun and that’s exactly what I got.

Mimi O Travels Miami 6

Mimi O Travels Miami 8

Mimi O Travels Miami 9

Day 2 was a glorious time on the beach and I decided to go totally black and white – nah I’m kidding, of course there had to be some colour, it’s Miami! Thankfully, my accessories provided me the perfect opportunity for the bright injection.

Mimi O Travels Miami 10

Mimi O Travels Miami 13

Mimi O Travels Miami 12

Mimi O Travels Miami 11
That Miami Feeling!

Mimi O Travels Miami 15

Mimi O Travels Miami 14

I fell totally in love with my monochrome skirt, even more so when I realised it can be worn in four to five different ways – Score! I’d definitely love to show you how I restyle the piece in the future, but in the now, I couldn’t shake the feeling of pride knowing that even in a city like Miami with distinct style specifications, my wardrobe could remain largely Nigerian!

Now I’m even more excited to share additional deets with you on my trip, so look out for what I’d like to term ‘A Beginners Guide to Miami’ real soon!


Day 1 Kimono: Wanger Ayu

Day 2 Skirt: Ms Beefab

Hair: Hair by Beesroots

Photography: My Amazing Shuellz!






  1. Whao! This got me in a real fantasy as if I were there, and its makes me have a mindset to get there someday. Nice write-up, wanna see more of it.


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