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And all of a sudden it’s Friday and I’m leaving for Nigeria on Sunday. My mind is like a whirlwind and my emotions are on a roller coaster and I don’t know how to not stop it from ruining my last Friday in London.

I don’t want to be like this, twitching involuntarily from anxiety, biting my usually well-manicured nails, especially not after my friends convinced me into letting them throw me a send off party tonight. It isn’t like I needed much convincing because I earnestly hope  that Kweku will drop by the party. We haven’t really spoken since I broke the news to him on Wednesday. At least it’s far away from my mother.

It seems futile though, this hope that he comes but can’t help it. My trepidation stems from not wanting to face the incredulity of the situation but I can’t avoid the reality.

I remember his words when I finally told him I was leaving after a sleepless night.  He said he had planned to ask me to marry him at Christmas. My ring would have had beautiful diamonds set in white gold with our names engraved on the inside of the band. He said I have created turbulence in his life, upturned the smooth sail of his plans. He seemed shell shocked, not saying much more.

It would have been easy for me to make up my mind not to come back to Nigeria right there and then but for the simple truth that has marred our relationship right from the start.

I don’t love him.

There are a lot of reasons to love Kweku; from the way he makes my toes curl in delight just by placing his hands on the small of my back, to the tiny cards he has delivered to my office every Wednesday. I will never forget our weekend in Paris; we dined, walked our legs off, refusing to even take a cab anywhere because he said if we didn’t walk, how would we see everything that needed to be captured on the lens of our hearts?

Kubi Paris trip Arc De Triomphe

On that trip, one afternoon, after getting tipsy wine tasting, happy and so filled with the joy of summer and laughter, when we got back to our petit apartement, I flung my naked body on him and declared that if he didn’t make love to me I would run into the street naked!

It was beautiful, our first time together, because he hadn’t wanted our relationship to be just about that. I was happy after but it was a happiness born out of satisfaction for giving him something worth treasuring since I couldn’t give him love.

After our conversation, I told my Mum I was confused again, that Kweku was planning to  me an engagement ring.

Mum: “Does he have a big house in Ghana?”

Kubi: “Mum, what has that got to do with an engagement ring?”

Mum: “I’d rather he channel the engagement ring money to laying the foundation of his house in Ghana.”

Kubi: “That’s not fair, Mum.”

Mum: “Sometimes I wonder whose daughter you are. I’m only trying to give you a more stable family and this is how you say thank you?”

Kubi: “I’m only saying you should give Kweku a chance and at least  meet him properly.”

Mum: “I have met him before and my spirit does not agree with him.”

I am pacing round my almost empty apartment having sent almost every bit of my prized, carefully collected furniture to the cargo company’s warehouse for shipment. I don’t know where it’s all going to go but I just couldn’t let go.

I’m all done up and wearing a backless, sparkly red Jovani dress I had gotten last summer but had been saving for a special occasion. This would have to do and I secretly hope that it would have the desired effect on Kweku and he’d forgive me. The color does wonders to my skin. Mama won’t stop singing Frank Edward’s Mma mma. She probably attributes my decisions to go back home with her to the Holy Sprit and her fluent tongue speaking abilities.


Kubi: “Mum I’m going out”

Mum: “Okay my daughter. Go well. Ewoooo what is it you’re wearing. When I say I want to take you home with me, I didn’t intend that it would be like a second hand car. Please change to something worthy of the Ezeora name. Your father would be rolling in…”

She stops mid sentence.

Kubi: “Rolling in what?? Mama?”

My heart stills. What was she about to say?

Mum: “Nne, just go and change. You know we are traveling soon. Do you want to commit a sin that won’t let God protect us? Mother and daughter die in plane crash, is that what you want?”

Kubi: “That won’t happen Mum!”

Mum: “Daalu, nne. You are my daughter.”

I roll my eyes and sigh but I change. After trying on several options, I settle on a Balmain dress in my favorite shade of green and my favourite Loubs. It just about meets with her approval.


Kubi's Send off Party


Mum: “This lipstick you’re wearing is fine, what is it called?”

Kubi: “Ruby Woo.”

Mum: ” Mana you are using Ruby Woo and no man is wooing you? You better go and collect your money back.”

Kubi: “Mum, it would be nice to discuss the weather and not talk about husband for a minute.”

Mum: “Nne, get a husband and I promise not to talk about it, inugo?

Kubi: “Yes Mum, I’ve heard…”

I make my way to Movida nightclub. I don’t like the place, it smells of the unspoken hopes of wannabes and JJCS, the frightening need to be accepted but that’s where they’ve chosen so I’ll have to make the most of it.


I alight from my cab and eager to finally see what my friends have planned for me.

“Afuihekaubi!” I know that voice anywhere

It’s Kweku, I walk tentatively over to where he stands.

“Kweku” I whisper his name softly.

He pulls me to himself and our lips touch.

“Don’t leave”, he says in between his kisses.

I may not love him like I should but he’s a good kisser and I let him get his fill of my lips. I feel adored and safe and I like making him happy, that’s not a bad thing right?

I shouldn’t be doing this, I can’t give him false hope. Or maybe it’s ok to let him think there’s a chance we can continue long distance, just in case…

What do I do?


  1. Me I don’t know what’s wrong with women. Instead of you to stay and marry the one that loves you. Nigerian men are evil. Trust me on that. No one would send you flowers every Wednesday here.

    • Lol please someone sends my colleague lunch every day. They’ve been together two years now and it’s still as cool as ever. It always depends on the person

  2. Tough one. Kubi could try long distance but we all know how that usually pans out. Just about 1% make it and what if she and kweku don’t?She’d end up hurting him even more and clearly she doesn’t want to. Like I said, tough. Kubi’s mum is hilarious btw.

  3. Loool. I just knew this was going to happen.
    Best thing: Go back with her mother….and hope Kweku can come after her by taking Mama Kubi’s unheard advice and return home and start his house foundation in Ghana.

  4. If Kubi feels safe with him and he makes her happy and when she compares him to other guys he comes out on top still, despite his flaws and all then I say keep him and go for him (especially if he can handle all her flaws as well). Kubi should also pray on the issue because sometimes we think we are doing certain things or feeling a certain way meanwhile our minds are just clouded. So hopefully Kubi is a praying Christian or Muslim or whatever that can also take this issue to God. It takes nothing to pray for guidance.

    Anyways… It’s nice to be in love but not everyone gets a love story like ‘The Notebook’ and other great loves like romantic films portray. Life is not a fairytale. What makes relationships last is effective and consistent communication, friendship (because when that lust fades and tits sag and balls drop, that would keep the couple going) and understanding each other. If Kubi and Kweku have all this, she should stick with him.

    Good luck to her.

  5. I’m loving this, I Didn’t comment on the first one because I didn’t know where this was going.
    I think you should give Kweku a chance.
    I live in Lagos Nigeria and I know how hard its for women to get married to a good man and for men to get good women.
    I think you should keep it going with Kweku and see how it goes from there.
    I was in a long distance relationship myself.
    All the best

  6. Lmaooo Mama Kubi cracks me up, this episode is filled with romance and comedy, I like. Kubi should go to Nigeria with her mum if Kweku loves her very much as he claims he’d come looking for her. Hope the next episode won’t take long before its released?.

  7. See this Kubi girl leaving man that wants to marry her to be coming to Nigeria!!! Loool…maybe all her mother’s speaking in tongues will work sha *fingers crossed*

  8. This is a difficult one. Kweku being all lovely and not loving him back is always going to hurt. I strongly advise you tell him how you feel about him. He deserves to know. It’s gonna hurt him now knowing you don’t love him Buh I think he’s going to appreciate that later. Long distance won’t cut it because you’d cheat on him eventually and I don’t think he deserves that.

  9. LOOOOL I love her mum .. She’s pure comedy .. Anyways if Kubi’s not gonna stay and there’s no love don’t torture Kweku with long distance.. She should Let him go

  10. You appreciate his efforts to make it work, which is a good thing but you don’t date someone or marry someone out of pity…. Love is important …. Don’t go into the relationship based on affection and compassion for him, you have to truly love him to marry him

    • Kubi yaff mad finish…her Mumm kan Mad pass..Kweku sha b enjoyin ya self dey go……….bur d grammer 4 begginig bin wan chase me ..kubi go anywere….make a family,be happy!!

  11. HonestLy I think you should let him know you can’t do long distance. False hope is deadly though. Plus long distance isn’t awesome tbh.

  12. interesting i must say& funny , i think if she really does love kweku sh should stay but then its not just about falling in love its staying in love that really matters ; the choice is still hers to make Good luck lol

  13. Lol. This is really nice. Like the way you portrayed the characters and not making us go through the stress of trying to imagine the dresses. Well done

  14. Please Please. Come back for real Nigerian men.
    But sincerely. We would like to know why kweku isn’t loved.
    Nne Kubi. Nice character. That ruby woo line. Funny.
    If Kubi can wait for two years I will prop…..nvm

  15. You jst said like making him happy….trust me it’s a sign of love! Secondly you jst have to ask yourself if what I are going to do Nigeria is worth it!

  16. Coincidentally I’ve been the victim of a woman such as this and in as much as it’ll crush the dude to have to let her go, I believe it’s what is best.
    The girl cannot be blamed for feeling the way she feels and it is obvious from the story that she’s actually tried to remedy the emotional deficiencies but has realised the futility. I believe he deserves a woman that loves him as much as he loves her. He deserves her truth

  17. The connection between kubi and Kweku is one that might not be felt with another person. She feels something for him, and how sure is she that what she has with Kweku isn’t love? Love stories aren’t written every day.

    And common, who wouldn’t want someone like Kweku. He sounds charming…

  18. Mama Kubi though. Lol. I know first hand that it’s better to stay with a man that’s crazy about u. Most women r flexible, they learn to love back. Trust me, it’s better than being all giddy over a guy that doesn’t feel the same way. Not a good place to be. @ least, u care about kweku enough to try & make it work.


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