Los Beauty Files – 5 Hot Weather Skin Care Tips


Tropical climates get hotter this time of the year and Nigeria is no exception, and this can throw the beautiful skin we have worked all year round for off balance. So, I am basically telling you that sticking to your previous routine may not yield the results you require, yikes!

Now, though I am personally not too pleased with this change,I am not encouraging you to overhaul your entire beauty products arsenal because with slight tweaks to your routine, I can guarantee (not on my life though!) that you will be just fine. What tweaks will these be?

Here’s my list of the 5 top things to do –

1. Cleanse


It is important to clean your skin morning and night to keep it clear. A mild cleanser with exfoliating ingredients will do the trick. To make cleanser more potent, try washing face with a Konjac sponge or face cloth to get rid of dirt and debris which may have settled over the course of the day.


2. Tone

Though this step can be skipped all year round, it’s important to incorporate it in your skincare routine this season. Toners are used after cleansers to remove stubborn dirt, seal pores and prevent blemishes. Always opt for alcohol free toners.


3. Use water based moisturizers with sun protection.


Wearing a water based moisturizer is absolutely necessary this period as they are usually weightless and absorb easily into skin.
How can you tell that a moisturizer is water based? Simply check the ingredients list. The first item listed is usually the base. If it shows water or Aqua, then it is water based. Don’t forget to look for one with sunscreen.


4. Skip the face make up

Face makeup such as Foundation and Concealers are a big no-no this season as they not only clog the pores, but oxidize into skin, giving a greyish, unhealthy tint. Like a bit of coverage? Use a tinted moisturizer, cream-to-powder foundation or bb cream instead which contain less oil.

Quick Tip! No tinted moisturizer, no problem. Create your custom tinted moisturizer by mixing a small amount of foundation with your face cream.


5. Stay Hydrated

Black-Woman-drinking-water bubblegumpost dot com


Hydration may well be the most important step on this list. Replenish lost body fluids this season by drinking plenty of water and staying away from fizzy, carbonated drinks which may actually dehydrate you. Add fruits such as lemons, oranges and/or cucumber slices to water and take it from bland to tasty in a heartbeat.

Do you have any hot weather beauty tips you’d like to share?



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