Love from Julez Has Mastered the Pantyhose Formula & We’re Totally Copying


It’s no easy feat to rise to the top of the Nigerian influencer radar in this millenium, moreso when your style is infinitely unique and relatable to a select few rather than the many. But, Love from Julez clearly doesn’t have this problem.

The political events strategist has had an eventful time since she first came to our radar late last year for her layering superpowers, from Martell endorsements, to co-creating Mai Atafo’s SS19 collection which showcased at fashion week Julez is certainly having the time of her life.

Collections, layering and endorsements asides, we honestly cannot get enough of her obsession with hoisery.

Once an inevitable accessory to complement her layered looks, Julez is barely ever out without a layer of tights in sight these days. This accessory has now become a staple signatory look of hers, and we don’t hate it. From light hues to dark shades, patterned to mesh, Julez has mastered the not-so-secret formula to styling every single one of them like a pro.

As learners in this hosiery styling craft, we carefully studied (…well stalked) her feed and came up with 5 pointers;

You can never go wrong with Monochrome 

Since the craze for monochromatic looks gained momentum with the millenial crowd, our palettes have slowly developed monotonous tastes and it’s no different with hoisery. Probably the safest ways to style pantyhose, this single matchy hue method never fails.

Contrasting can be Exciting

The concept of pairing contrasting or clashing colors is one that always reveals an exciting result. The hosiery styling department is no different.

Don’t miss an oppotunity to clash Prints

Clashing prints is always a great idea, just remember to pair the right kind.


Like every tasteful process in life, sometimes all you really need is a good teaser. Put on a great show by offering onlookers just a little peel of those stylish tights. Make them work for it.


Last but no the least, if clashing prints are a yes, then pairing tribal patterns are a heck yeah!

So LovefromJulez, sis, how did we do? Did we totally figure it out or are you laughing at our lame attempt to?


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