Love Like A Movie 3 – My Expectations, Fave Performances & Ciara Experience


I am not a die hard Ciara fan, but over the years I have admired her immensely and there was no way I would pass on going to spend some good time screaming my lungs out and dancing to all my favorite tracks by her as opposed to spending my Sunday sitting in and binge watching series. 

I had debated the right outfit, and seeing it was a concert, I decided to go for a pair of shorts and  a sequin top paired with my platform heels which would afford me room to dance and jump as much as I would love. (Big mistake) !

I entered the hall and it looked like everyone was rather dressed up , as opposed to the laid back look I had expected. Of course I did not think it was a stand up concert where we would just stand and cheer, but I also did not think I would see people in flared dresses, cape, sheer or even blazers. Alas, that was the order of the day and I instantly fell out of place, which threatened to put a dent on my highly anticipated day. I had to think about the fact that Nigerians really never dress according to occasion and channel my inner Rihanna to get through the day.


The event started with a few renditions of love songs like Thinking out loud, Stay, All of me and more by Dare Art Alade, Sammie, Tolu Project fame, Zainab and Ruby Gyang.

Some of the songs were a bit off tune, except for a few that made fantastic impressions like Tolu Project fame,which was surprising because the singers were considered powerhouse musicians.

The dancers were beyond phenomenal, at some point I lost track of the songs and was fixated on the contemporary dancers who danced accordingly as these songs were sung.




I thought I was having the time of my life until a Michael Jackson performance took place. I could not stop screaming, his moonwalk was on point, his flip was spectacular, his performance was by far my best, until Ciara took the stage. (I died!)



She was absolutely sick! She started with slow songs, teased us a bit with a few dance steps before retiring to come back again. Vector’s rendition of’ See you again’ was all kinds of amazing until he pronounced Pete Eneh, the passed on Nollywood actor as Pete Edochie, the living legend and that certainly got the crowd screaming!

Ciara made her way back, this time she was all ready with full force to give us her all. Her dance steps and performance of songs like Goodies, Love Sex & Magic and I bet kept me screaming ‘go Cici!’




Then the moment came when she decided she wanted to give us a little something! She called to the stage, Kaffy, and requested she gets a few tips on Nigerian dance, after a few tips, she let loose and gave us the dancing Ciara we know and love Nigerian style! Trust the crowd to go wild!

After her amazing performance, the show took us down memory lane as Jazzman Olofin, Styl Plus, Blackky and Weird MC gave us performances we will never forget.

It was an amazing day and by far my best concert ever! below is a clip of her dance.




Images: Richie Anazia


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