Maki Oh Presents Fall 2015 Ready To Wear Collection


If you’re Nigerian – the term Mami Wata should ring a bell –  and if it doesn’t, then I am sure Maki Oh’s Fall 2015 Ready To Wear Collection will give you better insight on this colloquial term.

Mami Wata, in the words of the designer Amaka Osakwe, emerged  after an image of an Indian snake charmer made its way to Africa, where snakes have a close association with rainbow – the serpent of the sky. Thus the snake charmer became a rain charmer, a vainglorious creature of the water. And this origin got her thinking about other ways that Africans have appropriated stuff from abroad—for instance, the bright printed cloth that’s a totem of African fashion.

This collection stayed true to the brand aesthetics as it still remained so ethereal and  feminine – with its softness remaining present in every piece. The aquatic theme is very visible in her latest collection as one can’t help but notice the cohesive patterns  with a fusion of deep blues and greens embedded in the collection.


Maki-Oh-001-1366  Maki-Oh-002-1366  Maki-Oh-003-1366  Maki-Oh-004-1366  Maki-Oh-005-1366  Maki-Oh-006-1366  Maki-Oh-007-1366  Maki-Oh-008-1366 Maki-Oh-009-1366  Maki-Oh-010-1366  Maki-Oh-011-1366  Maki-Oh-012-1366  Maki-Oh-013-1366  Maki-Oh-014-1366  Maki-Oh-015-1366 Maki-Oh-016-1366-1 Maki-Oh-017-1366 Maki-Oh-018-1366  Maki-Oh-019-1366 Maki-Oh-020-1366 Maki-Oh-021-1366-1 Maki-Oh-022-1366





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  1. Love…love…love…pls where can I get her stuff from in lagos. pls I need me picture 4 and 11 for my Easter dress up. someone help.


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