Master Your Flatlay With These Steps


A flatlay is a well put together picture of any product for the purpose of telling a stylish story. Creating flatlays is a skill every content creator and blogger should master. Creating a flatlay is a quick means of transporting your page from a boring one to  professional page, you have definitely seen your fill of some spectacular flatlays by Instagram users, influencers, brand and bloggers who use social apps and have often wondered how they achieve clear and precised setting like that.

You might have even tried on your own to make a bomb flatlay but ended up with pictures you can’t relate to or even call a nice picture. Well, don’t beat yourself about it, everyone has been through that road before. Have you ever wondered how these stylish pictures come about? let me help you become a pro in flat laying with these easy tips.

To have a spectacular flatlay, you need to have an idea of the exact theme/pattern you want, so you can know what you need to to have in the process of making the flatlay to achieve it. You want to be able to play with different ideas if some hings don’t work.

Make sure to use a neutral background for your flatlay so that it compliments both the color palettes you decide to use. Simple backgrounds like clean bed, cardboard and bench tops work well.

Make use of natural lights when shooting, somewhere that is flooded with light like a window or door. Preferable time to shoot is between morning or afternoon to avoid shadows. If you don’t have enough natural light to produce a good picture, you can make use of artificial lighting.

About color palettes, you need to be very decisive on that because if the color doesn’t go along with the theme, it can make the flatlay look messy and unprofessional. When selecting a color palette, also select complementary colors.

You should always have an overall theme you are working with. Choosing a theme for the flatlay is important because every flatlay tells a story, so you need to ensure that every product used in your flatlays is going well in telling a particular story. Your theme can be fashion, beauty or lifestyle and the story might be “what I take out everyday”, ” what I can’t do without@ or “my morning routine”, something tangible.

Picking a number of props for your flatlay is advisable, so you can always remove and add while compiling your shots. Don’t forget to pick props that vary in shape and size, so that it can create a visual element that will attract the viewer’s attention and also beautify your flatlay by adding to the overall polish.

when laying your items for flatlay, start with the main product that you want viewers to focus on and that’s by placing it in the middle so that it will assume center focus. leave a little bit of space between each object. This will help highlight each prop and keep your shot from looking cluttered. Create balance in your photo by mixing smaller objects with larger objects and placing objects of similar colors on both sides of the image.

Leave space for logo or any writing you need to do on the flatlay. It also help you to be conscious and not over prop the flatlay with items.

Lastly, shoot from above, if you have to stand on your toes or climb a stool to do that. The best shot are taking when you’re above your flatlay because you can fit everything inside a shot Instead of cutting out part of the image in a shot. After getting the right shot, make use of a good editor to edit the shots for a clearer and finer appearance. When editing make sure you don’t use too much filters so that the pictures are not too different. What I advice while editing, is to brightening and sharpen the image, also try to increase the saturation and get rid of any shadow that might have popped up by taking shots.

Do you have any additional tips? Let’s hear it in the comment section.



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