The Melanin Travel Duo: Kehinde Smith & Kitana Take Zanzibar


What is better one girl traveling alone? Taking a girls’ trip! Doesn’t matter how many you are but as long as you are not alone, you should look forward to a great time ahead!


Looking forward to a great time shouldn’t be hard when you are staying at a great resort and you have a killer view, enjoying the beach tide, chilling on the hammock while watching the palms move and enjoying the foreign breeze. Literally heaven!


Our favourite melanin duo are living out their dreams in the Archipelago off the coast of East Africa and they did right by taking us along. Rich in culture and history, Zanzibar has a bunch of old structures and a typical African vibe with a twist of Thailand to it.


Holiday fashion with these two is all earthy vibes, which conforms to their location with a pinch of prints. I must add the fact that I’m having major hair crush on them with their afro wigs and long bohemian weaves. Such African Goddesses!



Making Straw bags  and eating roasted corn by the roadside with your bestie is such a great way to usher in the year and to clean out all negative vibes and put one in the right frame of mind.


The fact that these ladies are having the time of their lives is evident in their photos as they are all smiles and their glows are as intense as it could get. Who wouldn’t wish to be in their shoes? I guess we all have to wait for the right time to take that well deserved vacay with our bestie! Hopefully!!



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