#MichellesMondayMotivation – Do Everything You Possibly Can In One Lifetime!


I would never have thought I would be quoting something from Mr Yeezus, one half of KimYe, yep Mr West!

When I saw the tweet, firstly I was shocked because I thought. Huh?  ” I’m following Kanye West?? What the!!!..”  but after a few seconds I remembered I was following him long before he changed into Mr. Ye… Anyway I read the tweet again and thought,  this is the most sense he’s made in years.

Kanye Wests tweet please do everything..

With just one simple sentence that carries so much power “Do everything you possibly can in one lifetime”  he has made me realise the importance of trying everything I want to now. This simple sentence is the same as #YOLO (you only live once) but spoke to me in a way that YOLO just made trivial somehow. It summed up the fact that we are here only once (unless you believe in re-incarnation?, in which case this post is not for you o… Sooorrrry).

We are put on earth for a purpose. Many of us spend our lives searching for that purpose, praying to big G to reveal that purpose to us (that’s what I call God; we are tight like that so I have a nickname for him). There’s absoulutely nothing wrong with praying to find out what your purpose is but while doing so,  don’t forget to live! To experience all that you can while you are alive and are able to do so.

If you’ve always wanted to travel? Can’t afford it?  Start saving then do so!

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle?  Go ahead!

You’ve always wanted to sing and you are in your 40’s?  Take singing lessons!

You always wanted to be an entrepreneur??? Write that proposal to get funding and take that leap of faith!

You’ve always wanted to learn how to bake and you’re not sure because you’re a guy? Do it!

You’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer, take sewing lessons!

You’ve always wanted to bungee jump…. Please o!!!  Maybe not  bungee jumping before your parents say”‘It’s that Michelle’s Motivation post that sent you to go and try and kill yourself for me Abi?!”  As long as it’s not dangerous or illegal (no 419 please) then go do it.

Whatever it is you want to do, try it now, next week, next month or two months later but don’t procrastinate! We constantly live our lives on the basis of other people’s perceptions. Often afraid to try things we always wanted to do, because we are worried about what people will think, say, or do!

If you live your life for others,  what happens when you are in your 60s or 70s looking back on your life?? Most likely you’ll be filled with regret. Regret that you didn’t try this or do that.

do it now later becomes never


To hell with what people think, it YOUR LIFE!  Do you want to live it for them or yourself??

To clarify I’m not just saying this because I feel like it but because this post is also a #NoteToSelf for me. A reminder that although I am currently doing what I want to do for a living, I had to take a leap of faith by moving from England to Nigeria to get to where I am now career wise. However there are still things I want to do and you know what? I am going to do them because I don’t want to be 70 and have regrets!

Yes of course people have responsibilities so I’m not suggesting you leave your job or family and run away to Kilimanjaro and be a yoga teacher! But if your dream has always been to teach yoga, find time to learn it and teach within your city.

“DO EVERYTHING YOU POSSIBLY CAN IN ONE LIFE TIME!” thank you Mr. West for your wise words.

Hopefully ya’ll have digested your sallah ram and are ready for the week ahead, have a great one.

Till next week.


Michelle ‘Perseverance’ Dede


Images – sparta-pt.com, Twitter, pinterest.com/nitinsunhare



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