What Does Your Mobile Phone Say About You? #HuaweiP9plus


Our mobile phones, like many of the material possessions we own, can give a volume of information on our attitudes and personalities. People often judge each other on what cars they drive, and clothes they wear; so it’s no surprise that people may also judge each other on what type mobile phones they whip out to use.

People who own high end smartphones are presumed to be rich, youngsters often say that Apple phone owners are more vain and adventurous than other phone users, likewise users who like sleek finishing and precious metal colors such as Rose Gold, White Silver and Gold on phones are trendsetters who are elegant, stylish and are creative rebels.

Similarly, people wittingly presume that BlackBerry owners are commonly entrepreneurs or top professionals.

But what about using the Huawei P9 smartphone?

The Huawei P9 smartphone has been in the limelight quite a bit recently for several reasons.


Firstly, the phone is touted as having the best smartphone camera in the world as it boasts dual lens, but not just any kind of dual lens, the P9 dual lens camera  was co-engineered with world renowned camera company Leica. Leica has been making cameras for 102 years so this says a lot!

The Huawei P9 also captures more light with two sensors, one RGB and one monochrome thus providing better clarity, for amazing photos and videos.


It’s a dream come true for photography lovers as it achieves professional photographic effects with its powerful array of unique functions, including a choice of film modes, wide aperture effect, monochrome mode and professional mode.


Arguably with a phone like the P9 there’s no need for a professional camera! Good news for bloggers I suppose. You don’t need to break the bank trying to get a good camera for your style shots anymore.



The phone also has a sleek and elegant design with diamond-cut edges, rounded out by beautiful curvatures. The Huawei P9 is sculpted using aerospace-class unibody aluminum and a superior-grade 2.5D glass.

The final deal sealer with this phone, and probably for fashion and entertainment enthusiasts like me is the fact that exquisite fashion icon and actress Scarlett Johansson, and stylish, ridiculously handsome Henry Cavill who plays the role of superhero- Superman are ambassadors for the phone and flaunt it every chance they get.



Also our own fashion enthusiasts like Noble Igwe,  Ozinna Anumudu & Denola Grey have taken to using this phone as their go to phone for dope style naps.






If you can relate to any of the features described in this piece then there’s no doubt that your smartphone says something about You!

So for every statement you want to make and for each person you’re trying to impress, there is a mobile phone and set-up that will match. Think about it.

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