The Modern Twists of Uber Feminine Style


They are the ladies of the lady!

As a girl, have you ever been in a situation where you meet another girl and you wonder if you are actually a girl?

That has happened to me times without number! This is super easy to experience if you aren’t the girly girl on the inside and every part of you on the outside is evidently not but it is super cool to be a girl right now! (Black girls rock, Times up) are all movements that support women and now our voices are heard louder than before.

As women, we have the most diverse outfit choices among the sexes and we get to experiment on a daily with the fashion of both sexes. Although times are changing and androgynism is springing up, it doesn’t change the fact that women are the pioneers of the interflow of the fashion of both sexes. The fluidity in womens’ fashion has an effect on the greater percentage of women where they like to try new, cool and fun trends of both sexes but as always, there’s always that other percentage that stay true to the roots.

I call them the ‘girly girls’. Super composed, super reserved and highly fashionable, the uber feminine woman like to stay true to core female staples. From colors, to designs, to trends, the girly girls have their ‘thing’ and theme every point in time.

They include the grown girls who love pink and would love it till their last breath, the proper 6 inches who are regular with the inches and wear fancy dresses with every physical detail perfect to the last drop. (She is beautiful even in my imagination!) Their favorite trends are frills, pieces with voluminous silhouettes, pastel hues and eyelets.

Changing times are here and it has penetrated into every corner of today’s fashion and it is okay to be ultra feminine and still look cool. Taking a cue or two from the ‘Tomboys’ is the new way to switch things up and we (tomboys) aren’t mad about it. In fact, we love the switch up and the addition of the new feature. Pairing the the opposites is the modern way and adding a of piece any staple you find unfit for your vibe is kinda the best bet right now!

I give thumbs up to the girly girls because it can be hard being a girl sometimes so I can imagine conforming to every girly standard especially the way I dress but I guess that depends on the orientation and background of each person (Kate Middleton definitely can’t say no to her princess wardrobe.) The idea of defying the girly rule is a good step but it doesn’t mean y’all have to stop being yourselves. Imagine the world without ultra feminists!



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