Montaigne Place Launches Roja Parfums – The Finest Fragrances in the World


Montaigne Place, home to the finest luxury products from all over the world, is proud to announce the launch of the luxurious Roja Perfums, made by one of the world’s most respected perfumers, Roja Dove.

Each ingredient contained in every Roja fragrance is hand-selected for their rarity and unparalleled scent. And it is this commitment to quality that makes Roja Parfums truly one of the finest and most exclusive luxury fragrances in the world.


This is the perfume of love. Each perfume from the Profumi D’Amore collection evokes the different chapters of a love story – from the very first moment passion is ignited (My Love), to a declaration of love (I Love You), ending with a love affair that lasts forever (I Will Love You Forever).

Amore Mio
Oriental: Rich & Soft – Sweet, Warm, Dry & Powdery
Ti Amo
Oriental: Rich & Soft – Sweet, Warm, Dry & Powdery
Un Amore Eterno
Oriental: Rich & Soft -Very Warm, Dry & Powdery


The Imperial creations are regal, rich and divine. Opulent fragrances, sumptuous and refined, created for the true connoisseur. The inspiration for this collection came from places Roja visited that hold special significance for him. 

Oriental: Rich & Soft – Fresh, Sweet, Fruity, Warm & Powdery
Chypré: Warm & Dry – Sweet, Fruity, Spicy, Soft & Very Sensual
Oriental: Rich & Soft – Fresh, Cool & Sweet


Created to be playful and adding modernity to one of perfumeries best loved ingredients – Aoud. Roja was inspired by a legendary piece of jewelry by the same name – resulting in a collection of scents that make your skin smell good enough to eat. The pleasures of the gourmand facet infuse with Aoud to create a surprisingly sweet and playful vitality – something only the world’s most-creative Master Perfumer could accomplish to such finesse.

Sweetie Aoud
Oriental: Rich & Soft – Sweet, Warm & Gourmond
Candy Aoud
Oriental: Rich & Soft – Sweet, Fruity, Spicy & Warm
Fruity Aoud
Oriental: Rich & Soft – Sweet, Fruity & Warm


The Gulf Collection was inspired by scents and scenery in the Gulf countries. “When I trained, no Western perfumer really knew Aoud. I decided that I would spend two weeks every month, for three years, in the Gulf where I discovered the secrets of this precious, rare ingredient and any rare ingredient and many other exotic materials.” – Roja Dove


Everyone dreams but few have the ability to make that dream a reality. Only the heroic and virtuous are destined to achieve the life they desire, so each ingredient within this scent was chosen to emulate this rare strength of character. Legends of perfumery including Vetiver, Ambergris and Leather combine within this elixir of pure valiance – A scent created for a man who needs no help in reaching his Elysium, his paradise.

Elysium Pour Femme
Fougère: Fresh & Dry – Sweet, Fruity, Warm & Sensual

These sublime fragrances are exclusively at Montaigne Place.


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