Moschino – Fairies and Rockstars


Yesterday I dreamt a dream; of Fairy tale Rock stars in pink, purple and gold, of petals in spring, cute little ponies and flaming fairy dust, I pinched myself but I was still in the dream staring at Moschino.

Yes guys, Moschino is inspiring me to be poetic, lol.

The Moschino Spring 18 collection was truly all that, it was a dream, from the stage’s wild fairy land setting to the color spark that were the pieces themselves, according to the collection they were pieces from a rock star’s fairy tale, like a modern day mix of Avril Lavigne and Pink (not the color), with a bit more rock than punk.

That’s how it starts out till you get to the pony collections as I like to call them, these feature petals in their most glorious forms, bursting out or just lying about embedded on a jacket, and has you thinking of unicorns and only truly sweet beautiful things, which is always a good thing.

All in all some of this was expected, as we know Jeremy Scott has a thing for colors and the usual short, matched with your skin tone wig the models usually wear for the show, and as usual every collection has a different theme which he follows completely.

The theme of punk fairytale glam was a breath of fresh air and truly unique, I see a lot of these pieces being styled differently on real life individuals but still worn all the same.

View the entire collection below


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