I Didn’t Know He Was A Pyscho – Worst Date Experience Ever


It’s always very refreshing when you grow up and look back at maybe 8 to 9 years ago when you were still in the dating system and you remember where a couple of dates that went wrong. 

Now let me take you back to the year 2006 where I was looking for love in all the wrong places. It all started at the cyber cafe where I used to head to when I felt a little bored at home, I met a good looking and friendly guy on the internet, back then it was Yahoo Messenger.


We got talking after he sent me a friends request and I quickly accepted because of how handsome he looked. We talked about school and all what not, got to a stage where it was safe to exchange numbers.

Spoke on the phone quite a few times and pretty much said it was time to meet. Meanwhile back in those days when someone from the internet asked to meet you, you always suggested meeting in public places so that you don’t end up being chopped into tiny pieces and kept at the back of his house where his dog cracks on your bones for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


So after suggesting to meet at a popular fast food restaurant back then named Crunches, the day had come for us to see for the very first time and I couldn’t wait. He called me in the morning and asked that we meet at 2pm, so looked for a something to wear and waited for 2pm.

15 minutes to 2pm I set out for the restaurant which was pretty much around the corner from my house. We had already told each-other what we would be wearing. So on getting there I had an idea of what he would look like.

I walked in looking around to locate where he was sitted, took a few more steps around and then I spotted the person in exactly what he said he would be wearing but it wasn’t the guy from the internet.


Pursed for a minute and called his number, paying close attention to the man. He picked up the phone and answered, Hello!, I was mute for 5 seconds and then said Oh hello, where are you sitted? he gets up and turns to me and say oh hi dear and all I could think of was OMG, I have been f****** played.

He accompanied me back to his seat and then asks what I want to eat, all I could thing of was WTF, is this guy joking though? I sent him my real picture and now I see a guy in his 30’s.

I just stared at him and then let out my first few words –

Me – I don’t understand, you are not the one I chatted with on Yahoo Messenger are you? 

Him – I know it looks bad but I mistakenly sent you my brothers picture. 

Me – Huhh? So you always have your brother’s picture as your default image?

Him – I am so sorry about that lets just enjoy our lunch.

Me – Okay, no problem.


As you might have guessed,  the date wasn’t going well because of the lie. So after having a quiet lunch, I told him I wanted to leave and I would prefer if he doesn’t call me again.

Next thing this dude decided to raise his voice saying, Oh you think you can eat my money and get away with it?

See me see wahala.  I didn’t want to believe he was talking to me. I stood up to walk away from the table, he pulled me backed and asked that I pay for what I had eaten.

I remember having a plate of fried rice, chicken and salad with a bottle of Schweppes bitter lemon. I looked in my wallet and realized I carried the wrong purse.

Trying to stay still with all the shouts about me wanting to just go after eating his money and not giving him anything, I quickly called my sister and asked her to come with some money to the restaurant.

My sister quickly flew down and located me sitting quietly by the load beast that was screaming beside me. She accessed the situation and promptly asked me how much my food was and then flung the money on the table and when he got up to shout one more, my sister turned looked at him and said  “I’d scream RAPE and you’re dead”.

That’s how we walked out of the restaurant and all I could remember was my sister scolding me on our walk home. Almost in tears I took in all she said and after that day I became sort of a heartless b**** when it came to men and.


The most important lesson I learnt was always to double check my wallet to see if I have sufficient cash on me just to save myself from any sort of embarrassment.

So there you have it, although this story is from a longtime ago, I hope it helps save your a** from some crazy, perverted men out there lol.







  1. “I know it looks bad but I mistakenly sent you my brothers picture. ”
    Lmfao! WTF are you kidding me? We’ve all had that one bad first date, but I don’t recall anyone so I guess mine couldn’t have been this bad. Lmao.
    But on a serious note, these things still happen. My 28 year old friend was invited to sweet sensation at vi for a date with a guy she met, it was lunch time at her office, time to go oga says he’d drop her off, on the way baba starts telling some story about how he needed to pick up something at a hotel close by, babe wanted to come down, oga started screaming, “after all the money I spent!!” You want to leave me like that. She quietly flipped 2k on him and told him to keep the change. This was just last year!
    Naija men have been falling hand since 1985!

    • Guys really have to chill with all this, I strongly believe that the ones who behave like this, weren’t trained properly from home lmao.

  2. I can’t believe that men think they should be paid in kind for lunch dates and what nots. It’s appalling and the underlying reason for half of the rape cases we have.

  3. Hahahaha,oh my World! Some guys have no chill when it comes to their money and sex.Bad date,face like nightmare and he had the nerves to scream,like how dare you??everyone has their experiences though,i can recall mine,’ROTFL’,some guys though,some guys!!!!

  4. The old man was deceitful from day one and his words sounded like what I hear out of Onitsha Traders’ mouth(there are EXCEPTIONS shaa)
    I always have one rule; Never allow a man to pay for whatever you eat on your first date. It’s just a precautionary measure for me; just in case things start going south!
    Thank God for your sis!

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  6. Have you ever heard of second life (sl for short). It is essentially a game where you can do anything you want. sl is literally my second life (pun intended lol). If you would like to see more you can see these sl articles and blogs


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