Nadine Ijewere’s 9-ja_17 – Narrating The DIY Style Of The Lagos Youth


Nigerian Photographer Nadine Ijewere released a recent project which in her words is;

“Lagos , Nigeria – 2017

A contemporary portrait series shot in my grandmothers hometown , Nigeria- Lagos. This  project  was a chance  to capture some of the youth using local fabrics and materials  and how they identify in the Lagos area.”

For the project, obviously photographed in Lagos and the year 2017, Nadine Ijewere relied on street casting inviting random people she saw and asking friends to invite others to be a part of the project, so it was sorta a free for all.

Ijewere, a twenty-five-year-old photographer who lives and works in London, emphasizes that her work is a collaborative labour, and in an unusual move, she credits both the subjects of her photographs as well as others who were involved in the process of making the images come to fruition (Our photographers at home should take a cue).

For 9-ja_17, Ijewere worked with stylist Ibrahim Kamara, known for his spectacular and futuristic visions of African masculinity and he didn’t disappoint. Here, Kamara used more muted local fabrics, accentuated by the ubiquitous effluvia of yellow and black patched footballs deconstructed into hats, plastic Shop Rite bags shaped into skirts, black-and-yellow traffic-barrier tape to accentuate a lean limb. Notice the use of yellow which you can admit is Lagos’ identifying shade and the incorporation of items and ideas which are part of the lives of many Lagos youths like the mall (Shop Rite), traffic tape (can you even talk about Lagos without the traffic?), or the candle(we no get light, duh!), there are also Ghana must go bags in the mix (you know we have a love-hate thing going with our Ghanaian brothers).

For a babe who grew up in ‘The Abroad’ she did a good job of capturing Lagos’ culture, resulting in images that are a conversation with the city, a place that seems to always be in the process of reconstructing itself, 9-ja_17 is also a dialogue with the typical Lagos youth , who despite all odds and in the midst of economic and political conditions are not disposable, or incapable of finding beauty and grace.

View the entire series below;

What do you make of them?


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