Nana Ghana Takes Us Around LA In Stella McCartney With One City, One Girl


Designer Stella McCartney wants to take you on the road in her clothes with the new series One City, One Girl. In this episode, she features actress Nana Ghana who shows us the best of her Los Angeles, wearing Stella McCartney.

Filmmaker, actress and virtual artist Nana Ghana, recognised for her documentary LA Women Rising, looks like she’s having the time other life riding around LA wearing stylish pieces from Stella McCartney’s Fall 2015 collection.

Nana Ghana For Stella McCartney 1

When asked about what influences her style, Nana says,

”What influences my style is really based on how I am feeling in the moment. I live a hundred percent in my awareness and therefore I choose fashion as a way to signal and communicate what I am feeling and wanting to the world.”


Nana Ghana For Stella McCartney 2

Nana Ghana For Stella McCartney 3

Nana Ghana For Stella McCartney 4

Nana Ghana For Stella McCartney 5


Watch the fun video


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