Naomi Campbell Clears The Air On Childbirth: “She Wasn’t Adopted, She Is My Child” in British Vogue’s March Issue

Credit: Steven Meisel

Naomi is the cover star of British Vogue’s March Issue, where she discusses her conception at age 50.

Just last year, Naomi posted a picture of herself cradling the feet of a baby on Instagram, which she later deleted. Since then, it has been rumoured that she had a baby through surrogacy. Naomi has ignored the rumours and never said anything about the father of the child or the baby. Well, until she decided to clear the air in an interview with British Vogue. Still not saying so much, she makes it known that the baby is not adopted, but her own child, and she regards her as a huge blessing and the very best thing she has ever done.

She mentions that she kept her pregnancy a secret and that she could count the number of people who knew about it on her fingers. Since the child’s birth, however, the baby has received so much love and gifts from designers from everywhere.

Credit: Steven Meisel

She touches on her modelling career and how pleased she is to see that black models are now championing campaigns thanks to diversity. It wasn’t like that in yesteryear. She recalls how it would hurt her when she walked on a runway but knew she wasn’t thought worthy of championing the ad campaign. She is now a mother figure to numerous young black models, amongst whom are Adut Akech and Ugbad Abdi.

Credit: Steven Meisel

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Photographer: Steven Meisel
Stylist: Joe McKenna
Hair: Guido Palau
Makeup: Pat McGrath
Nails: Jin Soon Choi


  1. At 50?? Are you fucking kidding me ain’t nothing impossible for God to do he’s so awesomeAm so happy for you Mrs ❤️


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