Nessa’s Beauty Notes – Silhouette Lacquer for The Win


I have come to love and appreciate my manicurist in ways that she cannot imagine, especially when I step out and people compliment my nails. She always gets me every time I want to change my nails and these days, I do not even have to tell her a shape. She just surprises me and I always love it. 

I usually carry my stick-on nails for three weeks, and trust me no nail has come off until I want it to and I only take them off because I am bored. My last nail post on electric blue were received very nicely and I almost considered not taking them off, but for the life of me, Birthday gitters led me to keeping everything brand new.

As always, I never know what the colour to go for and following my success with the electric blue nail polish I was open to try new things.

I had planned to go for a gray polish and just as I picked it for my fingers my eyes fell on this Milani Color Statement Nail Lacquer in Silhouette. I loved that it had a mysterious look to it and could be very likely ignored, I returned the gray polish to the counter and made do with this army green number.

Immediately my manicurist started coating the nails, I could sense the ladies being jealous that they had not picked it up first, I was proud of my decision.

After all was done and I headed off to Mente De Moda, the number of compliments I got made me realise I sure have good eyes when it involves my manicure and my manicurist is a badass at executing my needs.





What are your thoughts on this colour. 








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