Netflix Series ‘Insatiable’ Accused of Fat Shaming


The stars of the upcoming Netflix series about a teenage who goes from over weight outcast to thin beauty seeking revenge have defended the show amongst a wave of backlash. Actresses Alyssa Milano and Debby Ryan,  who are both casts of the dark teen comedy “insatiable ” which debuts on Netflix on August 10, posted on twitter in defence of the show after droves of online commenters said the series appeared to be fat shaming it’s lead character while playing into a dangerous narrative.

“Insatiable ” tells the story of patty( Debby Ryan), a teenager bullied at her high school for the way she looks. In the newly released trailer, other students refer to to Ryan’s character as “fat patty” and post pictures of her face on pigs body on her locker.

One summer, patty gets her jaw wired shut, looses weight and comes back to school looking unrecognizable and attractive. She decides she can now join any clique in school but instead want revenge on her bullies. Patty is coached by failed attorney Bob Armstrong(Dallas Roberts) , whose true aspiration is to coach pageant queens.  Milano plays Bob’s wife , kimmy shields. The show according to the preview release, is a cautionary tale about how damaging it can be to believe the outside is more important, to judge without going deeper.

So, what do you think cautionary tale or Fat Shaming?



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