The new era – Twist and Turns in Thriving Minimalism


Minimalism is basically toning what you do down a notch or two, and this definition applies when it comes to style too. It is a simple and conservative lifestyle that has transcended into the way the minimalists dress.

In becoming a minimalist, there are certain pieces that you need to incorporate into your wardrobe and certain pieces that you have to ditch. You can instantly spot a minimalist when you see one because of how wholesome yet stylish they are, as uncomplicated as their style may be, it speaks for them.

When we talk minimalism, basically we are talking monochrome most of the time. The order of color is dominantly white and black. Traditionally, colors like beige, navy, blush can also be included in the minimalist palette. These days however, it is not at all strange to see bold colors incorporated into the minimalist style in order not to be tagged as boring, or rustic which is the idea that most people perceive.

Minimalist pieces may include but aren’t limited to jackets, suits and pants that are of a particular fit, a little loose yet fitting all at once. Prints are not originally a part of minimalism, except it’s stripes but then again it’s 2017 and fashion has gotten to the point where rules are now thrown out the door.

Minimalism which these days can pass as chic minimalism is slowly thriving with major adaptations of various color palettes, cuts and patterns into its ever growing stylish fold, thereby making it more interesting to a broad group of today’s millennials who are quick to grow bored with certain looks and are quick to move on to the next.

Personally, I cannot fully adopt minimalism simply because my personal style is not limited to any particular kind, usually my mood dictates my outfit, but I’ll be willing to adopt minimalism on certain days in my own way which like other millenials may entail tweaking the rules a little bit.

I really do think that the minimalistic style is thriving albeit slowly, but steady in today’s world where everyone is hustling to be extra; and various stylish personas are unconscious minimalists hiding behind a facade of ‘my style is simple’ but they are soon going to come out of this closet to the unfading light of the trend.




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