New York Fashion Week – Givenchy Spring 2016


Riccardo Tisci presented the Givenchy Spring 2016, making his debut at NYFW at Pier 26 on the 14th anniversary of of 9/11, presenting a collection in largely black and white with a few shimmering notes.

Showing couture, ready-to-wear, womenswear and menswear the designer, who is in his 10th year with the fashion house, sent over 80 looks down the runway. Ivory slip dresses reminiscent of the 90s lace, and satin camisoles with lace edges, worn under tuxedos jackets, fluid kimono style coats, and with tailored black pants,


Couture brought the fantasy elements with embellishments, feathers and sheer layers. Face decoration was elaborate with, in gold studs, lace and frills covering the faces to match the gowns.

For the men there were suits with a variation of long and short jackets, wearing head to toe black or white or one colour over the other.

Masculine and feminine elements cross paths both ways. Lace, sheer fabrics and glittering embellishments are not restricted to womenswear and masculine vests and pants balance the barely there lace and satin tops for the women.



Givenchy_001_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_004_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_005_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_007_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_008_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_012_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_018_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_020_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_022_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_025_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_028_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_034_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_036_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_037_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_039_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_042_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_044_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_048_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_053_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_055_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_062_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_065_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_066_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_067_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_070_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_073_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_074_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_077_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_081_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_083_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_084_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW

Givenchy_085_ss16-spring summer-16-runway-NYFW




Photos – Indigital





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