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Dear Diary, let me start with apologising for not updating you for a while now, I’ve been swamped with work but I promise it won’t happen again!

Work has been awesome – updating the world with fashion trends, lifestyle happenings and modelling at the same time. June was a good month, had the pleasure of shooting ad campaigns for both Elan Red and My Q.

The Elan Red campaign which took place at the Lekki Conservation Centre, starring Solidstar and I, was photographed by Tope Horpload with creative direction by Zina. It kicked off with me arriving right at call time (9 am) then waiting for the make up artist who finally arrived around 11am then we began the face beating.

The conservation centre is such a beautiful place filled with monkeys, peacocks and more walking around and it seems the best way to welcome us into their hood was with monkeys stealing the makeup artist’s baby wipes and dashing off with it thinking they had succeeded in adding a pack of biscuits to their stash of goodies. That is until they realised that the shiny thing wasn’t useful to them and they ended up throwing it away.

After getting  done with hair and makeup, we commenced shooting at 2pm and at 4pm we called it a wrap and retired for the day. It was a fun shoot, hope you like the images as much as I do.

With Solidstar

Nikki Anyansi Solidstar Elan_Red Summer 2015-27





The My Q campaign shoot was photographed by Emmanuel Oyeleke and it started with me going to Lekki Phase 1 for hair and makeup which started very late and eventually got done around 1pm. We then headed down to Ikeja where the shoot took place, leaving Lekki hoping to get to Ikeja in good time but as usual the Lagos traffic always kills everything. We got there at 2:30 pm, started fittings and got done around 4pm. Getting to the location I noticed the set was still in the process of being built so round two of waiting. Finally they got done with the setup and at 6pm I started with the striking of poses (or sometimes trying to channel someone, this time around my inspiration was Rihanna!) at the end of the day we called it a wrap at 8pm.

It was one of the most stressful shoots I’ve done in a while but I was consoled by these amazing pictures.

My Q Lookbook 6

My Q Lookbook 4

My Q Lookbook 13
Cynthia Abdulahi, me in the middle and Precious John
My Q Lookbook 15
With Cynthia Abdulahi



I’m Nikki and this is my Model Diary. xoxo




  1. Lmaooo @ “monkeys stealing the makeup artist’s baby wipes and dashing off with it thinking they had succeeded in adding a pack of biscuits to their stash of goodies”.. Nikki nice one, the pictures are truly lovely.. Weldone!


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