Nims’ Pick- GTB Lagos Fashion & Design Week Day 2


I’m still a Lagos Fashion & Design Week newbie and there was a lot to take in but on Day 2 I started to feel the vibe. Remember what I complained about Day 1 – the poor finishing and lack of finesse; it was markedly reduced on Day 2’s shows.

It seemed that a lot of designers that showcased their collection on the second day of the Lagos Fashion & Design Week were more prepared and their designs definitely felt richer in creativity.  I wasn’t impressed by a lot of the models and their poor walks but who died and made me judge?

Amongst the designers that showcased yesterday, which included DZYN, Mi-Le, Maki Oh, McMeka, Washington Roberts, Sunny Rose, Grey, Kenneth Ize, Fayrouz Team Elan, I have a few favourites.

First is Maki Oh. I had seen the lookbook and loved the collection and I was already expecting an orgasmic rush of feelings when finally I got to see the pieces in action and I wasn’t disappointed. The softness of the fabric, shifting and shaking ever so delicately in rhythm with the model’s movement was simply beautiful.

Maki Oh 2

Maki Oh 1

Maki Oh 3

Maki Oh 4

Maki Oh 5


Another favourite was DZYN’s collection because not everyday casual, some days glam and red carpet worthy dresses. DZYN’s collection was sublime with bold figure hugging dresses designed to accentuate the ultimate sexiness of a woman.









Talk about colorful and fun and what comes to mind is Grey with their party inspired looks and pieces. Definitely loving the light and breezy vibe with outfits for every occasion.

Grey 1

Grey 2

Grey 3

Grey 4

Grey 5

Grey 6


How can I describe Sunny Rose‘s pieces without using words like soft, ethereal and sublime?  With pale shades of peach and champagne contrasting with bolder colors in soft fabrics, the pieces were worth the ache in my neck from craning it to see it all.

Sunny Rose 1

Sunny Rose 2

Sunny Rose 3

Sunny Rose 7

Sunny Rose 6

Sunny Rose 5

Sunny Rose 4


I really liked Washington Roberts‘ collection of structured pieces with pleat detailing in bold re and others in softer blues and shimmery lilac and gold. Chic and to the point.

Washington Roberts 7

Washington Roberts 6

Washington Roberts 5

Washington Roberts 4

Washington Roberts 3

Washington Roberts 2

Washington Robers


For the men only. We thank McMeka for their classic suits made intersting with striped two pieces, bold hues and print jackets.

McMeka 2

McMeka 4

McMeka 6


McMeka 1


Who made your list of faves on day 2?



Photography – Kola Oshalushi (Insignia)




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