Nims’ Picks – GTB Lagos Design & Fashion Week Day 1


The first day of Lagos Fashion & Design Week has come and gone and unfortunately i have to say that it wasn’t quite up to par for me. Thumbs up to the organizers and Omoyemi Akerele still doing a good job and it is only day one. I liked the runway set up and my disappointment was in the collections presented.

It seemed like a lot of the designers dropped their creative baton while getting prepared for this week and even when vibrant colors and detailed fabric made up for the apparent lack of creativity, the poor  finishing was bothersome.

Of all the designers who showcased their collections yesterday, among whom were Teola 1926, Otumemine, Pablo Sisiano, Weizdhurm Franklyn, April By Kunbi, Phunk Afrique, Oriente Ayaba, Rayo, Soboye, MIMI, Gozel Green and Cinnamon & Pearl, I found that  I didn’t love any particular collection in its completeness, rather liking  a few pieces from several collections.

I’ve compiled a list of the pieces that caught my fancy, and you can see all the runway photos here.

I couldn’t resist coveting a few pieces from Weiz Dhurm Franklyn. I liked the structured shapes, the necklines and the boxy tote bags.

wizdhurm franklyn

wizdhurm franklyn 1

wizdhurm franklyn 2

wizdhurm franklyn 4


Sentiment was definitely involved in my take on April By Kunbi’s collection and as much as I like a few looks, I kind of expected a little more drama from the designer. High marks for the beautiful, detachable skirt on the bridal look though, definitely creative.

april by kunbi 5

april by kunbi

april by kunbi 3

april by kunbi 4


With Lemiral, the bright colours spoke to me of summer and holidays. The pale yellow pieces were my definite favorites.

Lemiral LFDW 2014 White sundress


lemiral 2


Last but not the least is these two looks from Sisiano. I see myself in these feminine, figure flaunting dresses for an evening occasion and I won’t mind if someone takes note and gifts me one for christmas.

sisiano 2

sisiano 3




  1. Honestly, I agree with you. Weizdhurm’s collection was un ironed and just bleh. The rest, asides Sisiano, are not even remotely memorable. Some of them tried with one or two pieces.. That’s it.


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