Noble Igwe’s 2015 Style Resolutions


Is it okay to start this article with Happy New Year or is the 7th of January a bit too late for that? Anyways, Happy New Year to you and May God almighty continue to bless and guide you in this New Year, Amen.

Every New Year, I make new resolutions as regards my life and style and sometimes I fall off the wagon in weeks, sometimes I keep to good a number of those resolutions till the end of the year.

I wasn’t going to make any style resolutions this year until the lady beside me during the NYE Crossover service asked me to pray to God to provide her with her first pair of Christian Louboutin shoes in the 2015. I mean, if any woman takes a pair of shoes over husband then her style game must be tight. It took me few seconds to bounce back to reality but it touched my heart and I decided to make a few style resolutions for myself in the New Year.

Here they are –

Less sHOES, more Kicks.

I work Monday through Friday in the office and hangout weekends but over time, I’ve realized that I sometimes come off as over-dressed for work when I’m lucky enough to be able to dress down for work.

Dressed for work

In the New Year, I have decided to up my kicks’ game and slow a bit down on proper dress up shoes so I’d like to add a pair of kicks to add my wardrobe every month.

Nike TZ Roshe Run mesh and suede
Nike TZ Roshe Run mesh and suede trainers


Accessorize my wrists more

If you know me, then you must surely know my one-nation Diesel bracelet.

Diesel bracelet, Casio watch

In the New Year, I plan on getting more bracelets to go with my colourful Casio wristwatches. (I need this arm candy to distract people from the cost of my wristwatches.)

A wrist without a bracelet feels like long legs with cellulite. Yeah, exactly.

Red wristband
ASOS wristband


Diesel bracelet
Diesel bracelet



Introduce more Chinos and less Chinelos.

I don’t know the relationship between Chinos and Chinelo but I figured it rhymed, so I went with it. Word Play, My Ni****!

My wardrobe is filled with skinny jeans and not a single pair of chinos. They are a style staple so I need to add a couple of brown, blue and black chinos into the mix.

Zara chinos
Zara chinos



6 What? Double-Breasted All the Way.

Single button jackets are played out. I’ll be getting some of those brightly coloured double-breasted jackets.

Who needs a six-pack when you can invest in double-breasted jackets?

Mango blue double breasted jacket
Mango double-breasted jacket


Take a study leave from the Beard Gang

Guys, I need you here. I’ve sported a beard from March 2014 till date and I was thinking maybe it’s about time I took a leave from beard gang for just a bit.

Here’s a picture of me without a beard and one with one.

Noble Igwe Bearded

Noble Igwe With Less Beard

What do you think?




  1. I agree totally, it’s sounds like what I do. I call it a liitle ‘New Year personal rebranding’. buh a kick to the office on a week day? Naaah! Wif the white & eye-poping colours on the kick, it ll definitly make U look unserious for Biz. Thr r others ways U can dress down & still look formal, I do that a lot, buh not wif a ‘kick’.

  2. Trainers? Nna, what gives? You can always balance it though. Monday – Wednesday is deck up while you play with the remaining days. As for shaving your beards, if you try it, I will hunt you like Ojuju Calabar. You want to shave after I have been going #BeardGang all over facebook. Repent Noble! The rest are fine. Leave the Beard!

  3. Beards off please! Kicks to work?? Fridays yes. And errrmmm we growing you know, high school was like 2 decades back so pls rep the now.

  4. Guy, remove that beard and buy a bulletproof car because I’ll shoot you if you do. I have resolved to leave mine afterall and now you are beginning to discourage me aready. Leave am abeg.

  5. Lol your write ups are always so funny and inspiring at the same time. I think you should keep the beard tho it’s kinda like *The Noble Igwe Signature look*


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