Noble Igwe’s Dilemma – Zanotti Coen VS Zara Duffle


I apologize if you think I bring my issues to you but looking back at some of the decisions I have made in life, I wouldn’t be me without your love and support.
You guys have always been there for me, leaving comments like “slay” on my Instagram post, which may have deceived Chioma into accepting my marriage proposal. You also helped me choose the perfect Best Man and not too long ago, bought my “Wife, Not Cook” t-shirts.

For all of the above and more, I’m really grateful.

Today, I’m back again to seek your advice on helping me choose the perfect bag to replace my now-over-used Mr. Adams carry-all mostly seen in my Instagram pictures taken in front of my famous door.


Remember, the chosen bag is for office use and should be big enough to fit the following:

-A laptop

-Laptop charger

-One Headphones

-6 notebooks

-One Canon Camera

-2 Cheque Books

-One Mac Air External Drive

-Potable Power bank

-Space for water & sometimes lunch

-Space to accommodate clothing items for a day trip outside Lagos.

I have combed the Internet few times and now I’m trying to decide which of these two should come live with me.

I’m thrown between going for the Guiseppe Zanotti Coen bag or the Brown Zara Duffle Bag.

Giuseppe Zanotti Coen

zann 3  Zani

Black like the Mr. Adams with leather trims and detachable shoulder strap.

Zani 2


Zara Brown Duffle Bag

brown zara 2

Brown like an African girl with detachable shoulder strap

brown zara

I’m really confused and will like to hear from you. I can’t force you to buy me anyone of them but then if you do, you get “Bag gifted by @___________” on my Instagram every other day.

Thank you for being awesome friends.










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