#NobleTakesNewYorkWithArik – Baggage Claim


Fellas, we are back again this week to continue our #NobleTakesNewYorkWithArik Series, If you are just going us today then you need to go here first for Part 1 before you continue with us on this journey. 

I looked up and there she was in her sleek Arik Air Hostess uniform.

Air Hostess: Would like to change into something more comfortable?

Nobs: Sure

Air Hostess: Here you go, sir

Nobs: Please call me Noble. That’s very nice of you.

Air Hostess: Thank You, Noble. I’ll be available to assist with anything you need on this flight to JKF.

I pulled on the Arik branded PJs over my shirt and blue Zara Denim and then reclined my seat for a good night’s sleep.

#NobleTakesNewYorkWithArik Arik first class pyjamas
Ready for bed


I don’t know about you but I don’t see the sense in flying business class and staying up to watch movies from wheels up to touch down.

I was still dreaming about the Nkwobi that I ate a day before my trip when the turbulence woke me up.

I usually gauge the seriousness of turbulence with whether or not the captain turns on the fasten seat belt sign and yes; I hate it when he turns it on because I kinda feel he’s just saying “Niggahs, I’m really not very sure.”

Turbulence makes my mind travel far and start thinking about stupid things like

“Ewo, what was my last tweet, I hope it was nothing stupid”?

“Who did I fight with last”?

and I start thinking up stuff like

“So the first long distance air travel, what did they tell them to assure them that the aircraft will take them from one continent to another without shutting down midway?”

“I hope no one on this flight just poisoned someone and they are now praying for him in one forest in Nsukka.”

I decided to take my take mind off the flight by finishing a presentation that I needed to send in on Saturday morning on as soon as I arrived in New York.

I whipped out the laptop, plugged it into the socket on the arm of my chair and the work thankfully took my mind off the situation happening outside the plane.

I completed my presentation and went back to sleep until I was woken up to get ready for landing.



She brought back my jacket and handed it back with a smile.

Air Hostess: Good Morning, Noble. I hope you had a good night’s rest?

Nobs: I did, thank you.

Air Hostess: Thank you for flying with us.

Nobs: I loved it, every bit of it and you’ve been really kind to me.

Air Hostess: It was my pleasure.

I took off the PJs, handed them back to her and started putting my personal effects together, ready to disembark.

#NobleTakesNewYorkWithArik coning into JFK
Coming in for landing at JFK


Passing through immigration was smooth and making my way out of the airport was going well, that is until after I got my suitcases.

Officer: Good Morning, how long are you here for?

Nobs: 8 Days

Officer: Both these suitcases are for the 8 days?

Nobs: Yes sir, one contains my clothes and the other my shoes. Imaro n’ mu bu Igwe n’umuomaku?

Officer: What did you say sir ?

Nobs: Oh I wasn’t talking to you

Officer: Can you please bring your boxes to this table.

#NobleTakesNewYorkWithArik Noble yellow cab airport
The infamous suitcases


I was about to say  “Do you know who I am? Don’t you know that I’m here to take New York?” But then I remembered the number of #NobleTakesNewYorkWithArik I had posted and was not ready to follow Arik back the same day without rocking my kicks in New York  and missing out the hotel room already reserved by Hotels.ng.

Officer: Please open this case.

Nobs: Okay

Officer: What’s this ?

I had totally forgotten I packed it. Chineke


#NobleTakesNewYorkWithArik cab and casrs




  1. Really? U had to end it there? *exaggeratedclappingofhands* Ogini? Why? How? Let me distract myself with work but trust me i have completed that sentence in my head.

  2. hahhahha NOBEL this just made my day at work . i feel you when it comes to turbulances .. i even try to write a mini will lol …. XOXO


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