Are You Obsessed With Shoes? You Should Be Following These Instagram Accounts!


I love shoes and  If I had a penny for everytime I said that, I would be probably be the owner of a million and one Loubs.

Although I cannot buy all the shoes I love and appreciate I try to shop from time to time (which is not much). Most times I just resort to admiring the shoes from different blogs, stores and of course social media.

If there is any place my admiration takes place, it is definitely on Instagram. I love the diversity that comes with different accounts from beautiful photography to nice pedicures that is showcased on their accounts.

Here are some of the accounts you should acquaint yourself with if you are obsessed with.



If you love shoes and fashion enthusiast, lifestyle influencer and shoe lover Abisola Kola-Daisi is not on your timeline, then you are not a certified shoe lover. The wife and mom is one to always showcase amazing shoes from top brands from Sergio Rossi to Gucci, she has it on her Instagram nicely photographed too I must add. She makes you want to treat your shoes better.




I love all Derin’s shoes, including the ones I have not seen (because I am sure I would love them too) I love how she casually just fills her Instagram with her beautiful shoes and acts like she is unaware. Her pedicure is amazing as well, so when you fall in love with her shoes, her pedicure is a contributing factor.



When you think of women with amazing shoes, Lisa Folawiyo is always top of the list and if you have ever been to her Instagram you will understand why. The fashion designer has her wardrobe filled with all kinds of shoes from mules to platforms, sandals to sneakers, all you can think of. It upsets me that I cannot raid her shoe closet.




I follow this account simply because I cannot do without admiring great shoes! and she has that and much more to offer. I like that she pairs them with practical outfits that you can get around your daily activities with.




This is your destination if you are a shoe lover! They always have shoes from different people on their timeline to attend to needs of different women.




They call themselves the virtual museum of shoes and I obviously know why. The Instagram has an array of shoes and I love it! Irrespective of your shoe interest, shoe magazine has got you covered.




I love when I follow shoe lovers that have a personal touch to the shoes. You can see their interests and relate to their obsession, which is exactly how I feel for Kaytheshoeist.



If you love and appreciate good shoes, then this page is where you want to be at all time.



I have been following shoerazzi for a while! I love how detailed they are with shoes. From regular high street brands like Atmosphere to luxurious brands like Oscar De La Renta, they are the perfect spot for shoe literacy.




What is there to hate about Shoestova? Her style is amazing, her shoes are some of my throw forward and I especially love that she is  takes to her account to showcase some shoe brands that she loves.



Know any more shoe loving accounts to follow? Let us know in the comment section!






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