Publishing Legend and Playboy Owner, Hugh Hefner Dies at 91


Hugh Hefner is dead and I can’t believe it, he always seemed too alive, virile, strapping and everything un-old, to die anytime before 120, at least I thought so.

According to an official press statement, ” Hugh M. Hefner, the American Icon who in 1953 introduced the world to Playboy magazine and built the company into one of the most recognizable American global brands in history, peacefully passed away today from natural causes at his home, The Playboy Mansion, surrounded by loved ones.”


The phrase ‘Sex sells’ is nothing new just like the name Playboy, and Hugh Hefner sure sold it, but not just plain old, drab, boring sex, he made it refined and intellectually stimulating, such that you weren’t getting just the usual ‘adult magazine’ that often inspires distaste, but something more.

As at 1971 Playboy had become so successful selling 7 million magazines a month from an $8,000 start up and became a symbol of prosperity for many. He had stars like Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Kate Moss, Sharon stone, Kim Kardashian, Lindsey Lohan, Pamela Anderson and Naomi Campbell all pose for Playboy, but he still had certain ideals that were incorporated in his magazine, which include some of the most stimulating interviews of all time like the sit down with Martin Luther King Jr. in 1965, such a big move for a fresh magazine or “The Great Shark hunt” by Hunter S. Thompson and short fiction too.


According to him:

“I think that from the very beginning what made Playboy so popular was not simply the naked ladies, there were naked ladies in other magazines. What made the magazine so popular was, even before I started writing the philosophy, there was a point of view in the magazine…prior to that you couldn’t run nude pictures without some kind of rationale that they were art. I made them into, I put them into a context of a positive, or what I perceived as a positive attitude, on male-female relationships. I suggested that sex was not the enemy, that nice girls like sex.”

He is survived by wife Crystal Hefner and Children Cooper, 26, Christie, 64, David 62 and Marston 27. He will be missed.




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