Which Team Has The Best Uniform Style For Rio 2016? #Olympics2016


This Friday, 5th August, the world’s biggest runway for sportswear, the Olympic Games will begin, this time in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It is common knowledge that the best accessory of the Olympics is usually a gold medal, however, we cannot deny that fashion also plays an important role all through the games as countries usually take advantage of the platform to display  their heritage and knack for fashion via the various clothes and uniforms that their reps don while the games last.

The following countries have unveiled their outfits for the games which begin in three days.

Great Britain

Designed by Stella McCartney in collaboration with Adidas, #TeamGreatBritain’s outfit features a strong use of the new coat of arms. The outfit is made up of white sweaters, red accents and navy blue leggings. It is also said to be about 10% lighter than 2012’s.

Olympic Team-UK-1200x863

Olympic Team-UK-2-
Who else wonders why Stella used left-over fabric for diver, Tom Daley(2nd from the right)?


Courtesy of designers, Dan and Dean Caten (Dsquared2) #TeamCanada will be seen in athletic, yet sleek blazers with bonded front zip pockets which were produced by Hudson’s Bay. The outfits also feature maple leaf adornments and the traditional red, black and white.

Olympics Team-Canada-2

Olympics Team Canada



Designed by fashion retailer, H & M, #TeamSweden will rock leggings, tees, sweaters and windbreaks created with sustainably produced recyclable fabrics in bright gold yellow and deep blue . Yay to eco-friendliness!

Olympic Team-Sweden-2

Olympic Team-Sweden-1200x815

#TeamSweden’s outfit has to be my favourite, the colours look good on almost everyone, irrespective of how much melanin is in your skin.


United Stated Of America

In typical laid-back American fashion, #TeamAmerica will attend the Olympics’ closing ceremony in button down shirts, striped belts and white shorts designed by Ralph Lauren who is also known for playing safe.

Olympic Team USAA

Olympic Team USA

Basically, you can wear your own Polo top and white pants or shorts and easily pass for a member of team Murica.



That Lacoste was founded by tennis legend, Rene Lacoste is enough reason for its sports range to be #TeamFrance’s uniform. The gear consists of water resistant hooded white  ponchos, zipped pockets, dark blue trench coats and white ankle-length pants.

Olympic Team-France

For a country that houses the world’s fashion capital, I find this gear very underwhelming. Instead of something to remind us why they are seen as the end-all-be-all of high fashion, all we get is an extra animal logo(a rooster) in addition to Lacoste’s  signature alligator logo… ou est-ce la haute couture? Définitivement pas!


South Korea

#TeamSouthKorea might not be the most fashionable, but one thing is clear, they do not play with their health. The fabric used in making their outfit (which is made up of  navy blue blazers, white hats, white pants and striped socks to make their blue shoes pop has Zika repellent). Even their downtime neon accented grey outfits are treated with the same special formula.

Olympics Team South Korea

Nice way to prevent any likelihood of the virus affecting the athletes.



While the South Koreans have made Zika-repellent outfits, Australians have engineered Zika-proof condoms just in time for their athletes to have some for the Olympics. But let’s not talk about condoms today, ok?

Their pin-striped, retro-fitted suits and scarves are by Sportcraft and as usual, are reminiscent of flight attendants.

Olympics Team Australia



#TeamGermany’s black, white and silver outfits were made by Adidas and Sioux.

26.04.2016, Stadthalle CCD SÃ_d, DÃ_sseldorf, PrÃ_sentation Olympia / Paralympics-Outfit fÃ_r Rio 2016, im Vordergrund vl Melanie Leupolz (FrauenfuÃüball Nationalmannschaft) und Philipp Pflieger (Leichtathletik) Foto@ nordphoto / Rauch

The outfits look like Adidas stamped ‘GERMANY‘ on some basic white hoodies, their logo on  black track pants and handed to the athletes.

Lest I forget, the fabrics are moisture absorbing and the shoes use Adidas’ patented Boost Technology.



The men of #TeamGeorgia will wear a dark grey suit, white shirt and red cravat while the women will wear ankle-length white dresses with polo necks and red jackets designed  by Samoseli Pirveli.

Olympic Team Georgia

Many Georgians have gone as far as signing a petition for the outfit to be changed as some see the outfits as evidence of Vasadze(part owner of the design boutique)’s alleged ambition to see Georgia become a Christian Orthodox theocracy.

All I have to say about this outfit is, #RioNotVaticanCity.



#TeamCuba is a sight for sore eyes in their tailored jackets, sneakers and kitten heels by Christian Louboutin and Sporty Henri.

Olympic Team Cuba



#TeamChina’s uniform consists of a red blazer, white pants and colourful tie for the men and a yellow blazer, white skirt and colorful scarf for the women. The outfits were designed by Ye Chaoying.

Olympics Team China

Many have joked that the outfit looks like scrambled eggs and tomatoes, but I don’t see the correlation, not even remotely.



Nothing fantastic.

Olympic Team Russia



Olympics Team Venezuela



#TeamItaly’s outfit is another underwhelming one, more so because it was designed by Giorgio Armani.

Olympic Team Italia

White polo-shirts with Italy’s flag crested on it and black track suits. The end.

Olympic Team Italy



After the outrage which followed the unveiling of Mahnaz Armin’s drab outfits for #TeamIran, the team finally settled for Kamran Bakhtiari’s creation.

Olympic Team Iran

If Iran’s outfits don’t remind you of Christmas, consider yourself a grinch!



Olympic Team Brazil

#TeamBrazil will host all others in this Nike vest.


New Zealand

I wasn’t  so disappointed  about #TeamNewZealand’s outfit. What else do you  will expect from modest egalitarians?

Olympic Team New Zealand

The outfit looks every bit like regular gym clothes and has even been said to be a cure for insomnia in clothing form, or as another writer described, ‘an athletic invisibility cloak’.

You must be wondering why there is no African country on the list. Well, that’s because I’m yet to see any, not even Nigeria. Why? I have no idea. One might argue that unveiling outfits is very trivial, when we have more serious issues like inability of government to fund athletes’ trip.Well, I think that in an era when designers the world all over are emerging in the Olympics landscape as a symbol of pride and national identity, it would be great to see Nigerian designers do same.

In a perfect world, which Nigerian designer(s) would you like to see design pieces for #TeamNigeria? Personally, I’d like to see Clan Diaries take care of the ladies’ outfits, mainly because of these two pieces from their Spring/Summer 2015 Sporty Luxury Kasumi Collection.




Which country’s outfit is your favourite? Do share in the comments!



Images: forbes,com, pastemagzine.com, instagram.com, sponsorship.com




  1. Lol… At scrambled eggs and tomatoes, how can you not see it? … My fave is definitely the Swedish team… Brilliant use of colour and double yay for eco-friendliness
    The clan outfit might work but would need Modifications. Even if the Nigerian team don’t take the plunge I hope another African nation does.

  2. Cuba was really great, Sweden too. Those countries that had nothing fantastic as their tag was spot on. And I don’t know why New Zealand bothered to unveil anything, because why do we want to know that they’re wearing their house clothes to the Olympics. SMH.

  3. I definitely also go with the Swedish team design. It’s different. The other popular designers obviously went with the less is more principle.

  4. Oh I forgot to talk about the Stella MaCarthy Britain collaboration…. I really really really really like it *cue music*….. really!

  5. Sweden looks the best, but my personal favourite is team Canada’s Blazer. You already know Team Nigeria will be wearing green white green “aso ebi” na

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