RMD – Living Proof That Style Has no Age Limit


Hollywood Zaddy Richard Mofe-Damijo turned 57 years old this year. It was as if the moment he hit that age, he also hit his style peak. From his love for jazzy shirts to those excellently fitted  suits and fashion forward Agbadas, RMD has, in 2018, proven once and for all, that real style has no age limit.

It was thus unsurprising that this year, RMD achieved quite a number of spots on several best-dressed men. What’s more, he has been seen gracing the covers of several notable magazines and making multiple red carpet appearances in distinctive outfits. Who can forget his look for the premiere of The Wedding Party 2? He has perfected how to dress with a mature edge, showing dads everywhere they can do the same.

So what exactly is he getting so right? Well, with a little help from a stylist, he is wearing things that a man half his age would struggle to pull off; from rocking sneakers with traditional attire (even Agbada), to wearing suits with a certain level of finesse and not forgetting his impeccable causal style. RMD has embraced colour, patterns and prints in a seriously big way, a move that proves men of advancing years don’t necessarily need to be afraid of, well, fashion.

Here, RMD opts for an average double breasted black suit classic look, with a perfectly amazing fit. He finishes the looks with a black bow tie and white pocket square. In a bid to accessorize, he completes the look with a suit chain.


Richard Mofe-Damijo gave this tailoring a summer update by way of a bold coloured tee-shirt. Still looking smart, it was an easy way for him to tilt little towards the causal side of life with his choice of shoes.

2018 has definitely been the year of Agbada; with Ebuka throwing the first blow, RMD had to show him “what and elder can see sitting you can’t see standing”. I mean if you’re going to rep the Agbada trend, you might as well do it properly. RMD went full African with a modern twist; he wore a modern and fashion forward print Agbada by Vanskere and completed the look with sneakers.How did he make it work? by keeping everything somewhat monochromatic.

RMD is an advocate for wearing print. The key to getting it right is to make sure the print in question is the main attraction by keeping everything else toned down.

Need I say more?


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