Rock On Or Make It Stop: Changing Your Body Like Your Clothes


“If you can change your body as easily as you can change your clothes, does your appearance lose all meaning, or does it mean everything?”

Sometime last week Kim Kardashian West got alot of people talking for something she posted on Instagram(as always). Kim posted videos of her new choker implant that glows and appears to be under her skin. As expected, these posts were met with a mixture of astonishment and intrigue. I personally began to wonder why? How? Is it permanent ? Is this a new trend or something?


Shortly after Chrissy Teigen and Tam France joined the bandwagon and showed us their own skin implants on Instagram. Chrissy is seen with wings sprouting from her chest and rising to her collarbones  and Tam france seemed to be pretty happy with his ruffled neck modification.

The ones responsible for this new trend of body implants is a new type of fashion brand called “A.Human” A.Human is an experiential concept conceived by Simon Huck, who is a long-time friend of the Kardashians which explains why Kim is one of the first celebrities to be seen on this. According to Huck, A.Human is a futuristic brand that displays body modification instead of clothing. A.Human is an interactive,hybrid art and entertainment exhibit being framed on social media as collection of designs for New York Fashion Week, but its really just an exhibit. With the stated purpose to look at a future is a normal means of expression, particularly as it relates to the body, fashion, and beauty standards.

I dont know if this futuristic brand is here to stay but I’m curious to see what it would lead to. Let me know what you guys think in the comment below, rock on or make it stop ?



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