On A Scale Of Bantu Knots To Bouncy Curls, Tobore Oweh Gives Hair Goals


We all need someone to offer us a variety of options every now and then, and Tobore Oweh is my inspiration when I want to try new things with my hair. 

Nigerian model and floral designer is one woman who I cannot tie her to a particular hairstyle as she is constantly on something new, looking very different from the last look I saw of her.

Her hairstyles range from bantu knots to afro curls, braids and most recently, big bouncy curls. I love how she embraces her natural hair mostly and experiments with it but also diversifies every now and then.

Here are some of my fave looks

Tobore beauty 5

Tobore beauty 4

Tobore beauty 3

Tobore beauty

Tobore beauty 1

Tobore beauty 6

Tobore beauty 7

tobore beauty 8














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