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As I try to find a good parking spot, I smile absently as I remember the brief argument with Jide, over driving myself.

“Wait a few minutes, let me call Simon to take you.” he’d said, looking me over then punching numbers into his phone. He couldn’t see my eyes bulge in shock.

Me: “Why do I need Simon?”

He is already on the phone with him. I move towards him as I drop my purse on the coffee table.

Jide: “Simon are you downstairs? Okay, get the car ready in 5 minutes.”

For who?

I give him a stern look as he gets off the phone.

Me: “I am driving myself Jide, thank you.”

I say as I reach up to kiss him on the cheek trying my best to mask my annoyance. He is brewing, I can see it in his eyes, but why?

It is not even that serious.

Jide: “I don’t want you driving yourself Ibukun, just let Simon drop you.

I shake my head, I don’t want to argue. I really don’t, and I would hate for us to always be at loggerheads because I am pregnant.

Me: “You are already making it weird for me, I am just going to meet the girls, it’s just dinner.”

Jide rubs his eyes in frustration.

Jide: “Why are you making it so difficult babe? I’m just trying to look out for you.”

I walk to the door picking up my metallic Proenza Schouler clutch  from the bed.


Me: “I’m leaving and please baby, I don’t want us to have this argument every time I want to leave the house or go out with my friends.”

I shut the door quietly.

I lean against the closed door and a tear escapes from the corner of my eyes, he doesn’t get it… Nobody does, really, I don’t want to feel self conscious and I don’t need anyone treating me like things have changed and it’s all different. That doesn’t help at all. It doesn’t and the last thing I want right now is to argue about it with the man I love, my best friend. I expect him to know better! I don’t want to have to keep telling him this, going back and forth. I dab at my face as I take in a deep breath and head down the stairs. Can’t mess up the makeup.

After I park at … I get out of the car and head into the building. My phone rings, I look at it, excited and hopeful that it might be Jide, but it is just Lo.

I press it to my ear, as I make my way to in to the girls.

Lo: “Where are you lady?”

I smile and roll my eyes.

“I am already here madam, what’s on the menu?” I tease.

Lo laughs and as she tells the girls I am here.

Lo: “Oh just bring your fine tush here first.”

I giggle as I quickly make my way into the lounge and I immediately spot them, all so animated and colourful. I look at the table and make out a Mai Tai, a Magarita and a bottle of sparkling water, definitely for Yeka.

Yummy Mummy.

There is a bottle of Pinot Grigio chilling in the ice bucket, obviously waiting for me. I rub my hand across my tummy. No alcohol for the next few of months. How am I going to turn down my favourite vino without drawing questions from this nosy bunch?

I make my way over and Aisha spots me immediately and starts to wave her hands animatedly.

I smile as go to her side and she immediately envelops me in a hug. Oh Lord how I miss this! I miss them, our dinner dates, our nights out, the endless chatter and laughs, the venting that no one else can understand. Sigh. I give Lo and Yeka hugs and kisses and then we all settle in our seats as the waiter comes over with the food menu.

We order chocolate desserts all round and Lo keeps giving me a look across the table as if she has to tell me something. I pick up my phone to message to her as Aisha sets a glass of chilled Pinot in front of me. I want to push it back, but that would just draw attention and I am not ready to discuss that just yet, so I smile and say thank you.

I look at my phone, still no word from Jide. Is he so mad that he won’t even check in to see how I am doing? Or how my evening is going?

I type to Lo. 

What’s wrong?

She looks up at me and punches back into her phone.

We are not telling them about the baby, yes?

I look at Yeka and Aisha arguing over colours for the wedding. I still can’t believe Rene and Yeka are about to be official before God. So surreal, I look at her. She looks ready ‘burst’ anytime. I smile.

I love being an aunt, my fave unofficial job.

My subconscious, puts her Oreos and vanilla shake on the table as she rolls her eyes and says; “You’re about to be a Mum, how’s that for a full time job?”

I shiver slightly as I think of that.

I type back to Lo.


Nope. Not yet. 

I reply curtly. I am restless, I miss Jide. I hate that he is mad at me.

Aisha: “What’s all this texting and no talking?”

She sounds a little timsy already. SMH.

I put my phone away and Lo does the same.

Me: “Sorry!”

Yeka: “So, How is Jide?”

I smile and look away.

Me: “He’s good, he is at home. He sends his love.”

“Awww.” They chorus.

Aisha: “Remember when we were all in your old apartment talking about Babajide Babatedo? You didn’t even know who he was, freaking wealthy ass heir!”

We all laugh and then I look at my engagement ring. In a million years I would never have thought that I would be this woman to Jide, his wife to be.

Me: “Oh Lord, I remember, you gave me so much heat about it. Telling us about the glamazon Regina. I totally wrote the whole thing off, I figured it was a lose lose situation!”

Lo sticks her tongue out, I take her dessert and signal to the waiter. I am so hungry. Isn’t it too early for cravings?!

Yeka: “But Jide loves you so much Buks, so much. Even a blind man can see that. Regina has no place here and she knows it. She knows that Jide will always pick you. Always.”

Aisha: “What did he say when he proposed? A couple forevers? Yes. A couple forevers.”

Lo starts telling them about Tunde, Jide and Rene’s guy trip coming up soon. I peek at my phone, still no message or call from him.

I pull it and send a text to him.

I miss you Babe, please don’t stay mad at me…


I turn back to the girls and wait for a reply The girls are deep in conversation, now arguing over a theme and location for Yeka’s bridal shower.

My phone starts to ring. I jump as I see the caller ID.

It’s Jide.

The girls stop in mid sentence at my jump. I look away embarrassed as I answer.

Me: “Hey babe.”

Now they are all shamelessly listening in. I roll my eyes.

Jide: “Babe… Hey… How are you? You’re okay?”

I smile and my eyes turn wet. I blink the tears back, oh Lord.


Bloody hormones.

Me: “I’m okay… I am… I miss you. I’m sorry about earlier, I just needed some space.”

Aisha sits up on her chair and taps Lo as she looks over at Yeka and smiles broadly.

Jide: “I miss you more. I’m not mad just a little worried, and I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t let my worries cloud my judgment. Are you having a good time?”

I smile.

The girls are all quiet, looking at me and listening intently.

Me: “Yes we are, picking out colours for Yeka and talking about the wedding.”

Jide: “It will be our turn soon. I’ll be fine with whatever you pick. You want me to wear lavender and beige? I’m fine with it.”

I burst out laughing at the mental image. He laughs with me.

Jide: “But I am serious, whatever you need. I hate it when we argue, I’m sorry I won’t try to make it weird for you, that’s the last thing we need.”

Sigh. This man.

Me: “I love you and I’ll see you soon. Have you eaten?”

We check in on each other like that for a minute and then get off the phone.

The ladies are looking at me and grinning.

I shake my head at them and tuck into my dessert planning to ignore them.

They keep staring.

Me: “What?!”

I have to laugh.

These girls are so nosy!

Yeka: “So?”

Me: “So what?

Aisha screeches. Half the restaurant turns to look over to our table, and they turn away almost immediately. It doesn’t disturb her.

Me: “What is wrong with you?”

She looks at me and smiles but the look in her eyes is one of suspicion.

Aisha: “You haven’t touch your wine all evening and you have eaten everyone’s food at this table, you look almost robust, and your boobs, there’s something happening there…”

Yeka gasps!

Lo is fidgeting.

Yeka: “OMG Buks! You’re like me! You’re pregnant! OMG! Why won’t you tell us, why won’t you tell your sisters?”

Aisha is looking at me with wet eyes. Lo is just sitting there, not saying a word.

Me: “Of course I want to tell you guys…”

Aisha: “What’s going on? Is something wrong?”

Trust Aisha to always pick at the seams of everything. Yeka grabs me and hugs me, she is so excited!

Me: “I don’t know if we can keep her…”

Yeka and Lo are quiet.

“ What does that even mean? Of course we can and we will! Don’t ever say that again Buks!”, Aisha retorts aggressively, that’s always bee her way of dealing with difficult stuff.

She stands up from her chair and moves to my side, hugs me tightly and I think I see tears in her eyes. I giggle at her macho display undermined by the emotion.

“Is she crying? She never cries?”, I tease, asking Yeka and Lo, who laugh.

They get up and envelope us in a group hug. We are causing a scene in the restaurant, but I don’t care.

We settle down again and I explain I have a doctor’s appointment and they are all supportive and tell me not to worry.  Then we are talking about 2 weddings, 2 sets of baby names and arguing over who will be godmother to whom.

When Yeka starts yawning at only 8 I’m sympathetic and ready to head home too. These Vuitton heels are worth it but they need to come off! We all agree to call it a night. It’s been an emotional evening.

Louis Vuitton Pre Fall 2014 shoees green snakeskin heels

I make my way home, anxious to see Jide and talk to him. Not far from home my phone rings. I look at the caller ID, I don’t recognize the number.

I contemplate ignoring the call but my curiosity gets the better of me.

Me: “Hello?”

Female Voice: “Good evening Ma, am I on to Ibukun Donald?”

Who is this?

Me: “Yes you are, how may I help you?”

Female voice: “We need for you please come to St. Nicholas Hospital. Your husband was admitted earlier and he is stable now. Your name is down as his next of kin…”

My phone falls from my hand.

My husband?



Continues next Tuesday.



  1. Segun!!! it has to be Segun in that hospital and don’t tell me the fool still has U as next of kin, even after U guys divorce and all. It can’t be Jide and I know that , I mean it’s so obvious. U see why Jide didn’t want U to drive yourself, So U pick phones while U are driving, ehnn ibukun…

  2. These ladies sure knows how to find things out. Yet another drama!!!! Husband!!! What kinda game is this? Hmmmmm….

  3. …just look at the cute fight sef when will I meet my jide with less drama of course??? am sure its segun that is in that hospital bed


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