Sophia Webster’s Leah Sandal Is All You Need This Valentine’s!


Is it me or Valentine’s is kind of a bigger deal than it has ever been? Actually, I think everything is a big deal nowadays but it is just surprising to see how much effort goes into gearing towards happenings of a particular moment.

That aside and focusing on products launched in anticipation of Valentine’s is Sophia Webster’s ‘Leah Bow Sandal’ which was re-designed ‘soleheartedly’ for Valentine’s. I saw this new design of Sophia and my heart literally melted.

valentine's - Sophia Webster

Perhaps, because fashion girls think that red can still be cool on Valentine’s, Sophia has re-designed the Leah sandal in romantic red with a chic vinyl bow and gem detailing. I love that she included being modern into her design because the features of the ‘Leah’ shoes are all time conscious. So soft yet so strong, the patent and the gem detail all came together pretty nicely.


It is super surprising to me that I actually like the shoes because they defy everything that I would want in a shoe but I guess I clearly haven’t figured out how well enough I am charmed by the color ‘red’. The slingback and the sole is another highlight for me as it pops out the already soft patent and studs on it to give it a nice balance.

Valentine's - Sophia Webster shoes

The shoes which retail at £450 will be sure to set hearts racing so ladies, treat yourselves nicely this February because self love is the ultimate of all and fellas, here is a free gift idea so you are welcome!



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