Street with a huge splash of Neon


Everyone has definitely got hooked on the neon vibe and designers are not hesitating to create stylish designs for their recipients. Seen also on the runway of Lagos fashion week were Vibrant hues from Orange Culture, Bloke, Sisiano inspiring us to try out super-saturated shades of yellow, pink, and green and they did look great when styled with modern cut.

Eye popping, intimidating, florescent-like Neon colors are always very bright and will always make you stand out in whatever crowd you find yourself. The color doesn’t have to be the popular green neon we know. There are other neon colors like pink, orange, blue and yellow. It’s also very feminine and spices your style.

Neon is another name for attention, so be ready for more attention when you wear neon colors. If you’re more of a blend-in type of person, then you’d be better off in pastels. Many fashionistas have come up with different ways of styling the Neon colors; The edgy and bold look, which is going all the way out,  for the subtle way, we could talk about mixing Neon colors with neutrals like nude, white and black. Whatever way you choose to rock your Neon, never forget that it is important to step out with confidence.

Whenever you’re choosing any of these colors put in mind never to go overboard, so you don’t end up looking like a traffic light post. (Literally!) Pair these colors with simpler and softer tones so that there is a contrast.

You should also wear neon bright colors on the part of your body you wish to define or highlight since they do whip up a lot of attention. Also, try opting for minimum accessories, to have a perfect balance.

This is a trend that will pass quickly, so avoid having majority of your wears in neon colors. Try to be honest with yourself as most of the times, the color doesn’t suit everyone. If it doesn’t suit you, don’t opt for it.





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