Style File – Asap rocky

Lessons From Style's Coolest Kid



Rakim Meyers a.k.a A$ap Rocky turns 29 today and why is this note worthy you wonder? Well, FYI A$ap asides being a Hip Hop genius and the coolest kid ever (Davido could never), is also one of the most stylish men alive.



You know one of those stylish people in a class of their own, who always get it right no matter what? Well, A$ap beats that because even when he might get it twisted or style some outfit in a way that is considered wrong, you think, maybe we were wrong all along and this is really the way to wear this, he is like a Male Rihanna. It could be something as simple as a tee and shorts or the more classic two piece suit and A$ap would sell it, design giants Dior and DKNY were quick to spot this and so made him the face of their brands.



Perhaps it’s the braided lock of hair, or maybe the innate stylish aura he seems to give off so easily (lol, yes it does exist), we don’t know for sure all we can say is A$ap is the coolest male combo of style and talent we’ve seen since 2pac and Micheal Jackson.



Call me smitten or besotted (Guilty as charged), but tis the truth me speaks, and below are not one but over forty proofs that reiterate this:




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