Stylish Gift Options for Your Muslim Friends this Holiday

Image: Elora Collection

There are a few factors to generally consider when gifting, whether its a friend, loved one or acquaintance:

Firstly, you should consider your budget as this will serve as your primary guide. Secondly, have in mind what this person likes and then thirdly, consider the season (colors, gifts associated with the season) or purpose of the gift.

You should also note that gifting can also be an experience not just a physical possession. In this case, to give a gift in celebration of the Sallah holiday you would have to consider same.

So far, there are no colors specifically associated with this celebration so you can eliminate that and focus on the gift in itself.

For a female Muslim friend any of the following will be a good gift option:

Image: Le Spa by Loccitane

A spa day at a traditional spa where she will have sessions comprising of henna, halawa, kurkum and a massage. This is a good gift option because it’s a holiday period so a spa day will be a good way to relax and a traditional spa because this can be said to be accustomed to a typical Muslim lady.

Image: Pinterest

Oil Perfumes would be a good option as well if the lady to be gifted is a northerner, since they often prefer the fragrance of oil perfumes and are culturally known to be preferred by most northern Muslim ladies.

Image: Elora Collection

Abayas are a good gift option as they come in various designs, and, will be appropriate for the occasions or events to be attended during the festive period.

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You know they say “Jewelries are a girl’s best friend”. This set will look perfect on the Abaya suggested and on any outfit at all to be worn at the festivities or any occasion afterwards.

Image: Elora Collection

A Turban is a great gift option because as a religious practice Muslim ladies are to cover their hair. This not only serves that purpose but is equally very stylish and would look good on any outfit especially a neutral color like the one above.

Writer: Adegoke Ibukun


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