Suited Up To The Altar


Every single bride-to-be I’ve ever come across, is always keen on having a wedding dress. The majority have practically drawn the image of that perfect wedding gown with an incredible long train, sweeping the chapel floor. They have envisioned the beauty of the veil gracefully kissing their faces, the headpieces going in sync with the wedding dress and the suitable jewelry that will complement the whole look.

But what happens when the bride chooses to go unconventional, and I’m not only talking about going rogue with colors. How unusual would it be if you attend a wedding, not as a relative but just a typical wedding guest, and just as the ceremony commences, the bride walks in a complete pant suit. (I bet you’ll be shocked and perhaps mutter a few words)

Sitting down in my office, going about the normal work routine, the thought of a different unconventional bride popped up in my mind. Analyzing the fact that we live in a society where most times, going out of the regular norm is quickly termed as being too extra. Although, I love to play safe, I strongly believe we all need the extra, sometimes. This is why I chose to carefully select six pictures, which I believe on a normal day wouldn’t be considered wedding worthy, but if you look carefully, can pull off as the ideal Wedding Court Inspirations.

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