The Art Haven


As you rightly know, Lagos is the city that never sleeps. The hustle and bustle of the city, the vibrant people and the energy in general is so strong you may not be able to take it all. There’s so much to do and see here, you don’t want to miss out of the fun and things Lagos has to offer, whether you live here, are visiting or merely passing through. 

Let’s talk art in Lagos.

One of our finest tourist spots on today’s places to visit is the Art haven of Lagos, the Lekki Arts & Crafts market located in the heart of Lagos. 

I call it one of our finest tourist spot because it’s a colorful, warm, vibrant and beautiful space, put together by local art lovers, sculptors, creators, designers.

This market features goods that will keep you coming back, souvenirs that you will love and others will love, it brings back memories of the good old days and the culture that was bestowed on us but was subsequently forgotten. Everything is just right at your fingertips. 

Beautifully crafted items like straw hats & fans, beautifully woven baskets, beads, pearls, statues both big and small, gem stones and custom made furniture, Ankara fabrics, Ankara bags, paintings, straw mats, local games like Chess and Ayo and so much more, there’s so much to find. The market isn’t limited to inedible art items, you can also get your fruits and fresh food fix right in the market. This is one of the many hidden gems of Lagos because of its hidden location but don’t let the fear of missing out keep you from visiting this gorgeous place, there are over 50 shops located here with amazing deals. 

For those who have never been, ensure you do, list it on your places to visit and you won’t be sorry. It portrays and showcases the beauty of our culture and heritage. 

The market is located on Oba Elegushi Street, Off Lekki-Epe expressway (between 4th and 5th roundabout).



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