The Ramona McDermott Guide to Making it Flow This Season

Ramona McDermott Image: Instagram/amfashion

If there’s one thing that we’re in dire need of this season, it’s proper ventilation. No, I’m not referring to your apartment, I mean, that’s necessary too for like survival and all, but in this case, I’m referring to our bodies. Whether or not you think he’s a culture vulture, you can’t deny the fact that Drake was actually on to something, when he said, “wearing less and going out more” way back in 2015.

While we’ve been hitting up all the top spots recently, the sun seems to be working overtime to make us feel its presence. How do we deal with this? Enter, Ramona McDermott. The Ghanian based fashion and food blogger, stylist, and mom, has a summer-worthy wardrobe that would make you green with envy. From flowy dresses to airy voluminous skirts that are both stylish and super comfy, Ramona is your go-to for oversized fashion inspiration.

In order to avoid taking the boring route, Ramon doesn’t limit herself when it comes to colors or silhouettes. Whether it’s in a white shirt dress or color blocked combo, Ramona is not afraid to take risks, while maintaining her overall aesthetic.

Dressed Down

It’s All In The Skirt

Night Out?

Unusual Chic



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