The Wedding Party 2; Quick Wins

Fashion Inspiration

I’ve put up an article about what to wear to the premiere of The Wedding Party 2, however I’ve had people reach to me talk about how they may not be able to get these outfits. So the question is how do you slay and still look on theme if you’re not going all out with your main outfit. I have listed some quick wins below and I’m sure they’ll help!

  • Start Simple: The trick is to start simple and then build up. You can take “basic” pieces from your closet wardrobe and look at how you layer them with accessories and scarfs. Some evening dresses will work all by themselves if they are glam and have a bit of extra to them. You can also consider adding accessories to your already owned boubous.

Fashion Inspiration


  • Jewels / Jewelries: I already mentioned that jewelries are key in Arabian fashion, so in this case more is more. Most of the Arabian outfits you would have gotten would be adorned with jewels but since we’re skipping that part we need to get all those jewelries on our bodies. Think about what you can wear on your neck, head, hands, ears, nose literally the whole 9 yards.

Jewelry Arabian Theme

  • Makeup: Wearing makeup and getting your face beat to an event is a given but knowing the right type of makeup to wear sometimes is the challenge. For this night, focus on smokey bold eyes and ensure your skin is glowing. I’ve written extensively about makeup so you know the options available to you and how you can even recreate those looks.

  • Henna: I love henna, I really do but that’s not why it’s on this list. For over 5000 years, henna has been a symbol of good luck, health and sensuality in the Arab world and their ladies still wear them for ceremonies and even randomly. So wearing this will definitely get you steps closer to nailing the Arabian theme for the night. You can get your henna done at The Henna Place or Mai Saa spa both in Lagos.



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