Things Just Got Real


I arrived in the Land of Opportunity (most people would say the US is the land of opportunity but Nigeria was that for me).

I landed at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja at about 5am or so, before getting on the plane, my uncle sent me a number for a “driver”. When I hear driver, I think chauffeur, meaning someone dressed in a suit driving a black Benz. When I landed and called the driver, I was approached by someone wearing bathroom slippers. I was already disappointed lol.

I landed in Abuja to stay with my mom’s sister for a month before I was hopefully posted to Lagos camp for NYSC. So my aunt is the “breadwinner” of the family, she supports most her siblings and their children, except for her siblings living in the States, i.e, my mom. So I expected her to live in a big house and have a fleet of nice cars. NOPE! She was in one flat like that with one old SUV and an office provided Corolla, what the heck.

I arrived in Nigeria the day before the last day of Foreign Trained Students registration for NYSC. I was first annoyed that I had to print EVERYTHING before getting there. Why don’t people just use computers?? Save trees! Then the number of people waiting to register, the disorganization OMG. Numbers being called out of order. And let’s not even talk about the building itself! The elevator wasn’t working, there was no AC or fan, and there was a huge pile of students files on the floor blocking the way. I was told some of the files there were 10 years old WTF! This is where I quickly learned you must bribe to get ahead in this country literally. People were tipping the staff 200 naira to jump the queue. That day was stressful but prepared me for my stay in Nigeria. Shit really got real!


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