Thinking of Enrolling in a Fashion School to have a Successful Career in Fashion? Here’s a Piece for You.

Aspects of Fashion

With the year coming to an end, a lot of people are probably reviewing their lives and are making resolutions to maybe stop something, start something new, or readjust on an existing choice. Well maybe you have been thinking of doing fashion, but you aren’t exactly sure of the steps to take to be up there, and you are indecisive about going to a fashion school or not? Well, this article might just help you make up your mind.

These days, the importance of going to a fashion school is being questioned; you might want to blame it on some designers who luckily didn’t have to be in any fashion school at any time of their life, but nonetheless made a successful career out of fashion. It might interest you to know that some of them have people with degrees and certificates from fashion schools working under them.

So let us settle this; the importance of going to a fashion school or taking professional courses cannot be undermined in any case; I mean, if it is worth doing at all, then it is worth getting training for. However, it depends on how far you want to go in the fashion industry. You might be fine with being a dormant owner; I mean you set it all up, have people working for you, but all you are contributing is your money and maybe your name. But if you really have passion for this thing called fashion, then you must first identify what aspect of it you are interested in; is it styling, designing , or illustrating? If any of these interests you, then surely you are going to need to train for this to have the best for it.

Contrary to what many of us believe, getting knowledge in fashion is not so lengthy and stressful. I mean there are masterclasses, professional courses that will get you the required knowledge with time rather than a four year course at some fashion university, that is if time would not afford you the latter.

With all this being said, I would not want to get your hopes very high, telling you that you will be 100% ready to have a fashion career because of the formal knowledge you have on it. The truth is far from this, because firstly it must come as a passion,you must always bring your creative A-game into it, and you must also be very inquisitive about fashion and ever-willing to learn; with fashion you should be ready to experiment a lot, you might get it wrong a couple of times but with determination and passion you would scale through.

Also the need for mentorship in fashion is very key, you should however make sure your interests are also in line with that of your mentor so as to get quality and helpful guidelines. I do not think I should be telling anybody this, but please, make sure you trust your mentor fully; you do not want a mentor that would deter your growth.



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