Three Simple Additions for the Perfect Pre-Wedding Diet


The importance of a good diet can never be over-emphasized. With different meal plans and outrageous diet strategies floating around the internet, sometimes all a bride needs are simple fruits that will go a long way in enhancing the bridal glow. What beats a glow from within? Well, it’s time we get you crunching healthy. Here are three gifts of nature to help you get there;


Tomatoes go a long way when it comes to skin glow. Facts state that the juice they posses can go a long way in clearing out common skin problems such as acne, skin discoloration and hyper-pigmentation. They also possess properties which also aid in skin brightening as well as the tightening of skin pores.


Most beauty products tend to have a little bit of avocado within them. Even different spas seemingly incorporate it in their daily facial masks. Why? Avocados are pretty much loaded with Omega-3s, vitamins A and D which are very good for skin. This ends up going a long way in fighting skin-related problems such as eczema, acne, sunburn and so many others. They also have moisturizing properties which are essential for dry and flaky skin.


You may not know this, but incorporating walnuts in your diet works wonders. Walnuts possess Omega-3s which are good for bursting bloating issues as well as keeping your body fit, regularly. This is because they possess a high level of water with them, which aids in combating with over-eating. No one wants to look bulky or fat on their big day.

With all this juice, I guess it’s time to get crunching.





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