Valentino Couture A/W 18 – A High Fashion Love Story


The Valentino A/W 18 couture showcase was as romantic and chirpy as it could be possible for any collection to get. With a bust of bright colors ranging from green, yellow, pink and red, it had it all.

The romantic feel is after all Valentino’s MO, one could picture the Valentino models in movie romantic set ups, a pretty woman dressed in the finest most elegant pieces money can buy for a night out with the one she loves. As if the romantic undertones could be missed, a series of floral bomb head pieces was there anyway to remind you.

The collection also featured an abundance of gold tapestry with an Arabique embroidery feel, in shirts, jackets, skirts and dresses. There was also an array of bright colored print pieces in boxy silhouettes, not certain what roles these played in the high fashion love story.

View images of the collection below;




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