Value For Your Money – Stay Stylish in School, Under a Budget


It feels good to be back in school, because comebacks are cool. I mean, fresh from all that good food & air conditioning from home, pockets lined with brand new pocket money, Life is generally good. But guess what’s even better? A stylish comeback.

Yeah school is for learning, but, its also one of the biggest avenues for self expression, as well as have fun and make the most mistakes possible (lol).

Here are tips on how to stay dripping in school without necessarily wrecking your pocket money:

Denim Diet

Denim is a life saver, it gives you more for less you can get away with almost anything with denim. So invest in quality denims, e.g two blue pants, two black and other variants like distressed denim and denims embellished with paint. People can’t tell if you wore the same denim 3 days in a row but with shirts you can hardly escape it. Anyway get more shirts and less denim. Also remember that you can’t go wrong in a classic Denim jacket.

Get Sneaky

Shoes are quite an obsession, so I can’t tell you to buy a few. But I can recommend you to get a couple. Cop a black pair, white pair, an off colour then two pairs of colourways and variants. Trust me people will think you have a pair for everyday of the whole semester. Your kick game has to be on point.

The Little Things

Accessories never go out of style, they actually keep you in, showing off your versatility and amplifying your personality and style. From hats, and beanies, to rings and all forms of wrist wear, sunnies and quirky eyewear, lapel pins, brooches, badges to socks and even shoe laces. Some can be pricy but then again you could equally go DIY. I’ll recommend a Pinterest sweep for pictures of fashion week street style in New York, London and Paris to broaden your horizon. There’s no limit to how you can accessorize.

Carefree Vintage

To stay your best self you need to learn how to play with colors and maneuver patterns and colorways. Vintage tops, especially thrift ones, don’t only make you casual, carefree, comfortable and stylish but also makes you seem even more creative than you really are.

Hair Power

Life! Especially school is too short for a boring hair do. Your hair is another means to present your style to the world. Whether braiding it, doing conrows, placing a pattern by the side, dreadlocks, a plain low cut, trying a different colour or even shaving it all off will work in helping people notice and appreciate you better.



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