VisAdventures Of Her – Wheels Up!


So, most of the time I come here and tell you guys about travels of the past. This time around I’m going to take you guys with me on my current VisAdventure! As I type, I’m seated on a comfy sofa at Starbucks in the Madrid airport (literally paused to get my picture taken as I typed that, thanks nice Spanish lady!). I have a 4 hour layover before my next flight and then my adventure will really and truly begin.

VisAdventures Ifeoma Okpala Madrid Starbucks
Do not mind my bare feet!


I kind of have a tradition of traveling somewhere to celebrate my birthday and this year is no exception especially because it’s a big one #teamforever21! It’s going to be an epic trip with 3 stops and 2 birthday celebrations – mine and my almost twin whose birthday is one day before mine. She loves travel just as much as I do so no surprise that she’s having a destination celebration too. #GeminisRock

The next 10 days are going to be filled with travels to 2 new countries, 1 “old” one, fun, friends, fab food, absolutely no shopping (don’t hold me to that) and most importantly lots of new memories to savour when I am stuck in traffic in Lagos!

Speaking of traffic, you know how sometimes it seems like the universe is conspiring to get you, ever had that feeling? Well yesterday was a page out of that book for me. I had a full day of work planned and since my flight was slated for 11:20pm, I thought I had plenty of time to move around for my meetings. I was sooo wrong! Thanks to Lagos traffic I spent 5 hours (yes FIVE HOURS!) trying to get from one meeting to the next. *Insert plea to Ambode*. Between the hunger and annoyance of having to cancel 2 meetings, I was lost for words.

Finally free I went to get a last minute mani-pedi before heading home to shower and roll out. I was all packed so I thought nothing else could go wrong. Wrong again! First it was smudged nails then a spoilt zipper on my carry on as I was about to head out the door. Pause. I think I actually turned around to check if there was someone I offended twinkling their nose a la Bewitched at me. Quick sign of the cross and I willed Satan to get behind me. Check in and immigration queues usually have their wahala so it was to be expected. What I neva esperred was to break a strap on my sandals while in the queue to go through security screening. By this time I was in full bring it on mode. I didn’t even break my stride. Well actually I’m sure I looked slightly suspicious sliding my right foot to the front of the queue. I just reckoned I was destined to fly fabulous in the sky high heels I happened to have in my hand luggage.

VisAdventures Ifeoma Okpala flying Fab
Flying fab


Finally done with all the drama I had 2 hours to kill before my flight. Thanks to a great offer on upgrades I got to use the lounge which had free drinks and some nibbles. Pre-flight drink in hand I proceeded to spend the time on the phone with Bae and my sister obtaining last minute permission to fall out. In no time my flight was announced and it was time to go. But first…lemmie take a selfie!

Wait… I just realised I haven’t told you all where I am going! I guess you’ll have to come back next week to find out *wink*/*grin*

Till then… have a great weekend!

VisAdventures Ifeoma Okpala picstitch2  Wheels up
Wheels up!


PS. I declare my birthday 17th of June to be a work-free day! Yup, just tell your boss I said so.






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