Wana Udobang’s Five Things Right Now


OAP, writer, film maker and poet Wana Udobang, popularly known as Miss Wana Wana, is the host of television show Airtel Touching Lives and has written and produced web series, short films and a documentary. Somehow she still finds tie to performa and has even modelled on occasion. Intrigued by her latest project, Culture Diaries, we asked her to share her five favourite things at the moment.

Wana Udobang headshot


Beauty Behind the Madness The Weeknd


I am completely obsessed with The Weeknd’s album right now and there is a duet with Lana Del Ray called Prisoner. I just can’t get enough of it.


Why I Call Myself A Feminist: The View From Twenty-Five Women Under Thirty

Wana Udobang five things Why I call myself a feminist; the view of 25 women under thirty book

I am currently devouring a collection of essays titled “Why I call myself a feminist; the view of 25 women under thirty’. I really love the essays and how they all express what feminism means to them. I also love how it takes different shapes.


ASOS Skirt

Wana Udobang ASOS skirt five things

This white layered net skirt i got from Asos. It is everything. It’s that item everyone notices on your body once you walk into a room.



POWER Omari Hardwick

Right now Power is just it for me. Besides Omari Hardwick being quite hot, he is such a badass. His ghost character is such a lovable rouge. He does all these awful things but you still route for him.


Culture Diaries

I am currently working on Culture Diaries which is an interview series with the dynamic personalities in the art and culture scene. From the artists themselves to influencers, and curators.




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